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    Shadow - DoT timers, cast bar

    What do you guys use for watching DoT timers? Currently I'm using Shadowed Unit Frames, and they don't show me the # of seconds left on my dots. I'd like to change this.

    In addition, do you guys use quartz, or gnosis for cast bars? I've heard gnosis can do both, so I'm wondering if that's something I want to look into.

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    I use shadowtimers and gnosis personally.

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    I use WeakAuras and Gnosis.

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    Thanks for the input... when I was playing around with Gnosis, I actually liked quartz better, but it is probably just because I've used it for so long.

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    The only reason I use Gnosis instead of Quartz is because of its ability to show Mind Flay ticks correctly. As for dot timer, it is very much personal preference. I'd recommend WeakAuras. It's so customizable.

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    dotimer + power auras classic if you want something seriously customizable and It will track multiple targets.. great for multi-doting.
    NTK (need to know) is nice and is always up to date (made by a guildie of mine)
    gnosis is also ok, plus it has a cast bar that will show you your dot ticks so you know when to clip mindflay. I personally only use the the castbar from gnosis.
    I use shadowed unit frames, and No bar addons.. as all my spells and abilities are macroed to my mouse....
    my personal set up:
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    Gnosis + TellMeWhen. Easy to configure and you can track whatever you want

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    I use classtimers for my DoTs. There are a million options here and none of them are wrong, so use whatever you prefer. As long as your uptime is good it shouldn't matter what addon that is.

    I use and strongly recommend Gnosis for the cast bars. Unlike Quartz (which I did use for years), it shows mind flay ticks. It's super easy to set up, too, which is nice.
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    Using NTK (NeedToKnow) for dot-timers, and some cast bar-addon named ECB (E-something Casting Bars). They work for me at least :>

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    I'm using TellMeWhen for cooldowns, Forte Xorcist for dot timers and experimenting with Tidy Plates as a replacement. Tidy Plates will show what dots are running where and how long they have left to run. After so long with FX, it's a little strange to get used to but it works pretty well. I've been using Quartz forever and perhaps I'm not seeing what everyone else is but I have MF ticks on it.

    Also want to mention that TellMeWhen got some significant changes with MoP and is very nearly a new addon. So changed it is.

    I'm going to put aside some time and have a look at Weak Auras soon.
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    A better expansion.

    (fullsize http://i.imgur.com/vzLcn.jpg)

    Dots are from Power Auras.
    Cast bar is Quartz.
    Shadowfiend bar Forte Exorcist.
    Procs above my cast bar are Need to Know.

    This is just the leftover UI I had from my Shaman. I think I want to redo the whole thing so I can have grid in a more centralized location on screen for those clutch Grips/Void Swaps.

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    I'm using NeedToKnow, it's very userfriendly and lets you create bars just the way you want them.

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    Gnosis for both.
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