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    so warriors now instantly have 5 stacks of HS at the beginning of the fight and it 100% crits when used. I did not notice this...

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    Warriors in 9 out of the top 10 3v3 teams and outnumbering the bottom 5 classes combined is NOT balanced.

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    How can people even try to defend this kind of openess? I mean, Blizzard can lower the proc chance to 0.009% and its still going to be overpower to hit someone for 340k when most pvper have like.. 350k HP. By the way, what I find even more out of control: Heroic Strike is off global cooldown lol.

    Anyway, who came with the ideal of giving any sort of burst to a PLATE class? Sitting there with passive damage reduction from lots of armors, an other 25% reduction from defensive stance (every top live stream Iv watch have their warrior in def stance the whole game) and then you add up their arsenal of defensive cooldown rofl. You can't burst him down, but hey watch out, he's going to take you out of game with a single ability.
    Make just no sense at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheatz View Post
    Warriors in 9 out of the top 10 3v3 teams and outnumbering the bottom 5 classes combined is NOT balanced.
    not directly aimed at you, cheatz, but in general
    It's funny when in cataclysm this argument was used to show the bad state of warrior in pvp, it was invalid and you would be called names. last few days i saw so many people using this.
    Fate whispers to the warrior, "You cannot withstand the storm".
    And the warrior whispers back, "I am the storm."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheathx View Post
    I was just doing a boss on my 74 warrior... Azjol - nerub and my Overpower proced 4 time's in a row in less then 10seconds... got me 4 stacks off TFB, Yup... Toootally takes a long time to do it.

    but lemme guess, being level 74 effect's that 30% chance right? Makes it so it'll happen alot more often?
    I was just being non-existant on my lv74 concept... Earth - Milky Way and the right serious of events just happened to occur a few trecentillion times in less then a theoretical 13.75 ± 0.11 billion years... got me sentience, Yup... Toootally hard for a specific conceptual person to exist.

    but lemme guess, you're going to say 'apples to oranges' like it's a magical excuse that requires no justification or analysis because my example has different things in it; and suddenly make it so somehow me explaining how getting lucky and writing it off as a common occurrence isn't legit is wrong.

    Seriously, you cannot give an example of you getting astronomically lucky and pretend that it speaks for how long it takes on average. Similarly someone may be unlucky enough to get it for an hour, would that mean it needs a buff?

    Not what I ment... What I ment is, It happens far more often then what warriors say it does, I've experienced it in arenas, and playing my warrior everyone once in a while attempting to slowly level it when bored.
    MAN Invincible dropped twice in a row for me, and my friend got it in one run too. It must mean that it happens far more often then what blizzard drop rate says it does.

    This is exactly what you're saying. The chance for it is low, add in other non-quantifiable events it's EVEN lower. If you are fortunate enough for it to occur multiple times it does not mean that mathmatics and everyone else is wrong.
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