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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by aevitas View Post

    Wish I had those hundreds of gold, though...

    Guardian was level 80 2 weeks after release, a few days ago I got 80 on my necromancer...

    I've done a ton of jumping puzzles, so far I have rare set on my guardian and a exotic mace. 5 exotic pieces (bought for karma) on my necro and a exotic staff. Almost no gold, though. Would love to get the juggernaut or so, but I'd make that a loooong therm goal.

    Only issue I have is that I so far have done 1 story mode dungeon (AC) and tonight I did CoE exp (second path) and earlier I did SE third path I believe.

    Both runs turned out to be HELL, so much one shotting going on and my necro didnt have enough burst damage to kill people in crystals in the CoE run.. All in all, very bad dungeon experience so far... The story mode in AC was kind of fun, though.

    I just hope CoF and Arah are fun, as those are the dungeons the sets come from I want for my toons.

    EDIT: The upcoming content better not have undead mobs or I will uninstall GW2 instantly. I can't even get myself to get 100% completion in Orr on my necromancer because I hate that area more than eating glass.

    Then theres to hope its on the same level loot wise... So I can completely ditch that hellhole
    yeah they went a bit nuts with the amount of undead enemies and having them EVERYWHERE trying to get map completion on the 70+ undead areas is a damn nightmare without some friends.

    i personally havnt played much since i got to 80 the dungeons are too hard and the constant dying and expensive repairs put me off of doing it. i still have a few areas to finish for the world completion thing but the whole downleveling thing to take on things your level just sucks it just takes so much longer when there able to own you

    ive tried making a new character but the thought of doing the world completion again and doing the events again just bores me as once or twice is fine but having the same events over and over and over again it just beyond annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenblade View Post
    I am not a rush for it to be honest. From an (Asura) Engineer standpoint neither pistol, shield nor rifle look fitting to what I have in mind. I may miss out on that medal, maybe for a long time, unless I am going to grind it on my Guardian. I am currently going for double set of peacemaker pistols (I like the abstract geometrical looks of it) and that peacemaker rifle. Already got the shield. It makes me sigh a little that there is no real good looking Asura head armor which doesn't make you bald :/
    Other than that I have plenty of things to do, visiting dungeons, world completion, levelling and outfitting other characters.
    the hood when making a thief is quite a nice headpiece but then again its for the thief

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    Yeah they indeed went nuts on the bloody risen.

    One thing that worries me in the teaser is the beach scenery with those floated mobs, seems like they went apeshit and packed a ton of mobs.. Again :/

    Did anyone notice risen in the teaser?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aevitas View Post
    I just hope CoF and Arah are fun, as those are the dungeons the sets come from I want for my toons.
    I know it was only a small portion of your post, but I can confirm that these dungeons are the best (imo). Lupicus is something entirely different from everything else in the game. And CoF has some nice games/mechanics in it.

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    I attempted to obtain a legendary. Post 5 days I was so burned out of all the event farming that I decided it wasn't worth it. So I've been doing a little bit of PVP since then and daily quests, nothing serious. In the start I used to play GW2 like 10 hours a day, now I merely play GW2 10 hours/week.

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    GW2 is a pvp game and it breaks my heart when I see people say they don't ever pvp lol what did you expect some amazing pve in GW? Never played GW1 I assume... though pve & pvp were better in GW1 thanks to actual strategy existing by skill selection.
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    I enjoyed the PVE in GW1 quite a bit. Much more so than GW2 PVE.

    Never touch PVP in either.

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    Generally sat in WvWs, only done three dungeons & was pestered into doing those ;p
    Got more Karma, PvP badges then I need for the leg end, probably enough metals etc, but I use Daggers (Staff is crappy) so not interested at all ;D
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    So a dog raised his paw and the owner gets arrested for hate crime? Scotland has officially gone full retard mode. (and before someone mentions that the dog was seeing Hitler, so fucking what? Unless the dog specifically raised his paw and spoke the words Heil Hitler then i could understand but the dog was just raising his fuckin paw nothing else!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peahorse View Post
    I would like a legendary but the shortbow looks....welll - it's too girly even for me! I am impressed that this is the 1st MMO I've ever played where I have enjoyed PvP though so I'm spending my time doing that at the moment
    I can't say I like it either or the longbow for that matter then I joined a guild with some great people in it that just happens to be called Pony almost have to get it for that alone
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    My only char that is worth talking about is my Thief, I have 300+ hour so far on it. I have 2 full sets of exotics (armor + jewelry), exotic weapons include 2 daggers, 1 sword, 1 short bow, 1 pistol, and an MF set. I have only done 2 dungeons, and one was bugged at the end (AC path 2 a week after headstart). I farm for gold because I am poor, I have 3 crafting skills to level up to get all 8 on one char (artificer, huntsmen, and armor smith). I WvW a lot, I constantly switch specs to see what works for me. I don't know if I will start doing dungeons more often after doing them to finish the monthly or not.

    I am excited to see the patch notes to see what actually happens with the new armor, and dungeon. I can't wait to see what they do to the Thief nerf/buff different specs. I hope the engineer and hunter get something good, even if I don't play them.

    I may get the legendary short bow, but it won't be me grinding everyday for it. I will save my mats and if I get enough I'll get it, if not then whatever.
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