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    If You Don't Want A Legendary

    For those who really don't want a Legendary weapon skin what are you doing now?

    Necro / Memser / Thief and Guardian at 80 and enjoy my GS Guardian the most, the other classes are not my thing!

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    I have absolutely no interest in getting a legendary. Mainly because of the grind and I do not want to go through such shit again.

    Well... I try to have fun .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cempa View Post
    For those who really don't want a Legendary weapon skin what are you doing now?

    Necro / Memser / Thief and Guardian at 80 and enjoy my GS Guardian the most, the other classes are not my thing!
    It's not that I dont want it, it's just that I done pve or wvwvw atm. In spvp Im killing people and got quite some time left until rank 80. Maybe one day I will lvl my mesmer out in the real world... and if I do and it seems legendaries can be bought just from a high amount of gold... well, why not try farm for it? Playing the ah is entertaining every now and then. However, doubt I will have time before next xpac hits
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    Still leveling my elementalist, burning them critters. But the legendary doesn't really interest me much either, as it is just a grind and hopefully I will have other things to do then just that So far I'm enjoying this game a lot!
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    I've just joined a nice WvWvW guild, that has a nice social attitude as well, which is keeping me entertained. Other than that, I've been chasing 100% world completion (just the Borderlands areas left now) and I've been scouting around dungeons, to see what armorset/weaponskins I want.

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    I am not a rush for it to be honest. From an (Asura) Engineer standpoint neither pistol, shield nor rifle look fitting to what I have in mind. I may miss out on that medal, maybe for a long time, unless I am going to grind it on my Guardian. I am currently going for double set of peacemaker pistols (I like the abstract geometrical looks of it) and that peacemaker rifle. Already got the shield. It makes me sigh a little that there is no real good looking Asura head armor which doesn't make you bald :/
    Other than that I have plenty of things to do, visiting dungeons, world completion, levelling and outfitting other characters.
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    Mainly leveling characters, doing a lot of dungeons and gearing all my characters, and some sPvP from time to time.
    No need for a legendary (yet), I really don't like grinding gold etc.

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    Grinding for leggy is pretty much all I do lately. Pve sucks, pvp broken and boring, so can only grind until some other decent game comes out. Dusk is already 500g on tp, anet does nothing about it and I don't even have 100g. Funfun.
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    I would like a legendary but the shortbow looks....welll - it's too girly even for me! I am impressed that this is the 1st MMO I've ever played where I have enjoyed PvP though so I'm spending my time doing that at the moment
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    Whomever doesn't want a legendary, it's ok, I do, so you can give yours to me, I'll happily take them from you for free!

    No, but seriously, there's lots of stuff to do, events all over the place, dungeons and WvsW, jumping puzzles you've missed etc.

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    dont even have time to care about^^

    i play WvW and the only time i go out in real "game" world is to farm oricalcum to buy siegeweps
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    I'm still leveling. I play a couple times a week and spread it out across several characters. I haven't even gotten a character to 80 yet.
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    You get a second legendary!

    Juggernaut gives you a chrome armor, and Sunrise gives you a blue aura.
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    I'm playing engineer and I use pistols. The legendary pistols don't really look all that interesting. I have already found myself better looking pistols.

    I also do pvp. Atm it is fun to be part of big battles and all and hopefully by the time I get bored of it, there will be new stuff to do.

    And that is just what I do with my main. I got several characters and I intend to have one of each characters. There is stuff to do indeed as long as I don't get bored doing the basic stuff.

    My friend is grinding legendary for his guardian, but really I don't see that being too fun. He just grinds grinds grinds and then complains how long it will still take and what he still has to do. In my eyes getting the legendary is unneccessary obstacle that need to be passed only, if you really really want one of the legendaries and that probably happens only, if you are one of the classes that can use the actually good looking legendaries.

    If you want it then farm it. I don't really care so I don't farm it.

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    Resubbing to WoW. Not a lot of things to do.

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    I think I topped out in the game, honestly. It's part of why I haven't been bothered to play at all for weeks now.

    - Exotic gear on all characters
    - I've seen all the dungeons [don't like any dungeon armors]
    - I have hundreds of gold
    - Cleared all the PVE zones
    - Tons of karma
    - Did most of the meta events

    - Don't PVP, ever
    - Don't care about jumping puzzles
    - Legendary weapons don't look worthwhile [nicest to me is the sun greatsword but I play 1h axe/sword + rifle. So it's of no value.]

    Really I am done with all that interests me at this point.

    New Rift expansion tomorrow- loads to do by way of dungeons, raids, zones, personal housing and PA ahead of me for a month before the 2nd tier of the raids for the xpac drop. So I'll be doing 2 tiers of content in addition to all the other stuff for a while.

    I'll get burnt out.

    That's what GW2 is for-- to return to when I need a break or a change of pace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    That's what GW2 is for-- to return to when I need a break or a change of pace.

    Wish I had those hundreds of gold, though...

    Guardian was level 80 2 weeks after release, a few days ago I got 80 on my necromancer...

    I've done a ton of jumping puzzles, so far I have rare set on my guardian and a exotic mace. 5 exotic pieces (bought for karma) on my necro and a exotic staff. Almost no gold, though. Would love to get the juggernaut or so, but I'd make that a loooong therm goal.

    Only issue I have is that I so far have done 1 story mode dungeon (AC) and tonight I did CoE exp (second path) and earlier I did SE third path I believe.

    Both runs turned out to be HELL, so much one shotting going on and my necro didnt have enough burst damage to kill people in crystals in the CoE run.. All in all, very bad dungeon experience so far... The story mode in AC was kind of fun, though.

    I just hope CoF and Arah are fun, as those are the dungeons the sets come from I want for my toons.

    EDIT: The upcoming content better not have undead mobs or I will uninstall GW2 instantly. I can't even get myself to get 100% completion in Orr on my necromancer because I hate that area more than eating glass.

    Then theres to hope its on the same level loot wise... So I can completely ditch that hellhole
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    slowly levelling. I cant play for more than a couple of hours at a time without getting a headache for some reason. The increased fov has helped, but something is wrong for me No other games do this to me. So mostly I have been playing other games, and wont be grinding for legendaries and such.

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    Well I still have world to complete, t3 cultural set to get, dungeons to finish, jumping puzzles, sPvP, WvW and alt to level up. Soon we will have new content patch so I will try to check that too. Right now I'm taking a break because of RL and sadly my server isn't perforimg well in WvW.

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