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  • Yes, I've got some very nice items that way

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  • No, it's BS, I can't get something i really want.

    26 14.05%
  • Doesn't matter, gold is gold, item is item

    36 19.46%
  • I'm not doing dailies so IDC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akarui View Post
    So far the coins have been useless for me, however I have got 2 items from normal rolls in RF.
    Hoping that the rng gets reformed though, personally i think the loot system should be a mix of the current system plus diminishing returns type of deal.

    Basically its X% chance normally, if you roll but fail 10 times in a row then the chance could be increased by 10 or 20 percent to give lady luck a little nudge :P
    Not sure if both rf and normal count towards it or if they should have individual returns, but this sort of thing would mean that if your really unlucky you'll still get nothing, but after so many weeks your guarantied to get at least one item. It's also not free loot since its not 100%, that wouldn't feel like an mmo at all XD

    Edit: I'm assuming what i posted was off topic, so I'll add a part about the charms. The charms are nice, but they don't 100% anything, its just double roll, all down to luck no matter what unfortunately. I like them since we wouldn't get anything anyway XD
    I agree with that, it can't be that you keep tossing up coins for more than 15 times and getting nothing, while smb tosses 1 in a row on every boss and gets and item BESIDES the normal loot.

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    I got like 3 stacks of them im set for the next 2 months
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    You think that's bad, I've only gotten 1 item to date from clearing LFR every week, including coin rolls.
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    It is called "charm of good fortune".
    It is said to have 5% of success. Or 1 item for every 20 coins on AVERAGE! That means it can even get worse than that.

    What really puzzles me is the greedy nature of most players.
    What you were getting before in your 10 man?
    2 Items. What do you get now? 2 items AND a 5% chance to win something for you, and still people whine!

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    Yes it's a great system, considering the alternative is not even having it at all. I'd rather have a chance at some extra loot and get nothing than not having the system at all.

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    so far out of 6 LFR runs and 4 sha runs i've gotten a ring... one single ring off the last boss of the first half of MV and i only got that because I used a coin... I swear I have the worst luck ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodfire View Post
    Does it really has to be this way? 14 coins = 0 items from normal (1 necklace in LFR).
    When some people who can't even close MV got 2T14.
    Really fair.
    Learn statistic and stop QQing, honestly :P

    you have a better chance than you had before them;P

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    New LFR loot system is pretty perfect as is. I like the extra loot roll, and I like that I decide when to use it.
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    Got 2 T14 items, 1 496 and a trinket so i'm not complaining. This is from coins btw.

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    Coins are a nice little risk, worst case you get some extra repair money, best case you get 11g or a sha crystal next patch nothing to get to worked up about.

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    every coin used since release and so far ive got 3 tier gloves from Sha, 2 same weapons from Emperor (mace) and few other items i allready had equipped so that sucks.. now i never use them on boss where i could get like 3-4 loots if i allready have some items from that boss. wont risk RNG giving me same item i allready have

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    Gotten the t14 gloves 4 times, head from Garalon and PvP neck and PvP boots.

    They just need to fix the duplicate item shit coz its annoying.

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    I like m.... it is just an extra roll, how small the chance is you win anything doesn't matter, is is still an extra change at the loottable of that boss.
    I won two items with the extra roll and used about 15 of them.

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    Honestly the ability to A: get an extra roll and B: control when you use it is pretty amazing. Im not overly fond of the new loot system as a whole i feel i was able to gear up alot faster without it but in the areas of the game that it is being used in i honestly cant say im unhappy they atleast tried something to fix the issues. I think now that ive finished getting raidfinder/valor gear the charms could be an amazing tool.

    I have probably used about 15 of them overall ive won 2 or 3 upgrades and a few downgrades. overall ive been pretty happy with them. It is a massive let down when you use it and only get 20 odd gold though feels like a massive waste.

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    It's an extra chance at loot for having done something I was doing anyway (dailies), and if I don't get loot I get gold.

    It's a bonus. At worst it's a free, what, 60 gold a week. That may be hardly anything but it's still free gold.

    Basically Blizz is handing people who do dailies 60 gold a week with a small chance to get gear instead of gold. I don't see any reason to complain about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by furriusmurrius View Post
    Makes me think you don't actually know how the system works.

    You DO know how it works, right? I'd hate for you to be terribly embarrassed for whining about a system you barely understand...
    I don't think you understand what he ment. He was merely saying that its the same feeling like when you lose a roll by 1 or even worse when both of you role the same and the other one gets the item. In plain terms RNG is RNG.

    This is a new thing to me, people complaining about getting a bonus chance to get an item.
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    I have 5/12 items.
    I don't see why you are complaining. You are getting free gold/items for nothing.
    Just think back to Cata and Wrath, you weren't.
    So you have absolutely no reason to complain at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    I have 5/12 items.
    I don't see why you are complaining. You are getting free gold/items for nothing.
    Just think back to Cata and Wrath, you weren't.
    So you have absolutely no reason to complain at all.
    Free gold.
    Are u fkin kidding?
    28 Gold is SOOO FREE.
    At least they could've make it about 100 or smth.

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    I think it's alright.
    Haven't started to raid normal yet, but in LFR I've won one item I need without bonus roll, one I don't need. With bonus roll I've won 5 aditional items the last 3 weeks, which I think is better than Cata LFR where I rarely got anything because people needed stuff that actually didn't need.

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    so far I had 0 items via coins out of 21 I spent (always trying for a weapon (last ID un'sok, shek'zeer, H elegon), as it's my worst piece)
    others around me have gotten 3-5 items and didn't even use all of them
    if its the same mechanic as in LFR then atleast I know it's not bugged because there I already got 2 sha crystals
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