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    H <Omg Im Proccing> 10 man 6/6 2/6 Recruiting melee


    Our guild is composed of a core of transfers from Us stormreaver, we transferred halfway through firelands and killed 6/7 heroic, we did not play during DS
    Currently we are recruiting any melee dps as we only have one in our 10 man group thus far, our raid times are tues/thurs/sun 7-10 server (Pst) sometimes if players are on we will run on saturdays but they are not required raid nights. We as a guild are really tight knit, and know when to buckle down and get things rolling, the first 2 weeks of the expac we had difficulty finding players to fill out our raid team, but since then have been progressing at a nice pace. we are looking to push hard modes soon, and would really love a frost dk, fury warrior, rogue, or a monk dps for full time raid spots, asking players with at least 475 ilvl, but that is not an issue if the player is competent and knows their class we can make an exception.

    Real [email protected]

    Contact me ingame or email me, our guild site is currently not working properly


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