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    Anyone know how to find what addon(s) that lag out my WoW

    If an addon is causing problems I usually try disabling half of the addons, then half of that half if it still gives errors and so on but this error ONLY happens when I am in a dungeon so it will take FOREVER to figure out what addon cause the problem.

    Quick background story: My SSD died yesterday so I reinstalled my computer on my harddrive instead. I reinstalled WoW and took an old backup of addons and updated them with curse.

    The error: When in dungeons and fighting things start out fine but then I start to get small lags (everything freezes for a sec) The deeper into the dungeon the longer the freezes get. When at last boss I had up to like 20 sec when everything was frozen.

    What I do know:

    * Without addons everything works fine.
    * The more "intense" the fight is the worse it tends to get.
    * Outside dungeon things are ok, even if I hammer dummys for a long time while jumping around, moving cursor like crazy.
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    Probably a combatlog of sorts. Try disabling addons one by one.

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    Typically the culprits are things that read the combat log. Things like damage or threat meters and scrolling combat texts.

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    Do you have lua errors enabled? If not, try enabling them and run a dungeon to see if you get any errors.

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    Like Panacia wrote. You have a ton of Lua errors in the background. That what lags you to death. Enable "Show Lua errors" under help/others. Fix all the addons that spit out errors.
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    Buggrabber and Bugsack are really nice mods to help you find out which mods might be giving you issues, without turning off the notice.

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