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    About my mw pvp monk and my PoV of it.

    hey there everyone, im new at the forums here. First of all i got my monk 90 like 5 days ago, was pretty easy with the good use of enlightment and some rdf. Alright! well I was in need for a healer so why not to try the monk?
    I tried it and loved it, you are just unstoppable at WSG with trascendence + easy healing with barely no need to cast. But i've been having some troubles at kitting wars/dk's while generating chi, first i wanna let you guys know that i play with 200ms all the time, so well, as always i try to disable the war while maintaining melee range so disable wont fade away after 10 secs, but sometimes cause of my ping, i have to stay while in melee range for so long to disable him which makes my life impossible (at this point i receive a good amount of damage cause of my 54% resilence, thats what im wearing at the moment). Mostly my healing stuff for single target is ReMist always up + Expel Harm + SoMist + EnvMist, but i get really annoyed by those interrupts i receive while i cast SoMist to cast EnvMist. Fake casting is not a viable solution cause its a channeling spell so what do you guys do? Also, its not like you can spam healing sphere everywhere because you will oom like no tomorrow.

    I would like to list my PoV bout the healer monk pro's and con's after playing it around nearly a week:


    + Amazing movility with trascendense, tiger lust and roll.
    + Insane burst healing, outheals any other healer in the game.
    + A 4sec "safe" silence
    + Huge burst capability with onuse + Xuen
    + A range disarm that increases your healing done
    + Huge skillcapping with Diffuse magic against dot/anti dispel comps
    + Dematerialize


    - Needs to be in melee range to be useful, making you a easy target for ccs
    - You oom very fast, you need to be really serious about spending chi or you will lose most of the time the mana fight
    - Mediocre healing without cds
    - Break on damage cc without a glyph to fix it :/
    - A stun that mostly shares dr with other classes and needs to be in melee range

    cant figure anything else right now, but tbh i enjoy being a monk, and i think it would be cool if we could share our tips each other!

    i will end with this, what do you think about fistweaving in pvp? its useful while not bursting?

    dont blame my english please, its not my native language (im from SA)
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    Why wouldn't you be able to fakecast soothing?

    Other than that I've only pvped at lower levels so I can't give you much of an opinion other than that roll is stupidly overpowered in BG's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieterman View Post
    Why wouldn't you be able to fakecast soothing?

    Other than that I've only pvped at lower levels so I can't give you much of an opinion other than that roll is stupidly overpowered in BG's.
    actually i think its pretty easy to do so if you have low ms like 50-100,you can barely spam soothing mist and the other guy will get dizzy, then you take chance and use fastly cast Soothing + Env, if you have ms like me you have to be really sure that the enemy will spit his interrupt otherwise it could be something hard to comeback. Hopefully i think resilence will fix those little mistakes in case i get interrupted.

    and yeah, actually today i was playing a BG where i had the flag and i saw like at least 10 guys running for me, roll, tiger lust, life cocoon, revival and fortying brew saved my ass, i think i would have died if i was any other healer class.

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    Since you say that you have problems with warriors and dk's I'll tell you what I do against those.

    Warrior: Against a warrior I usually set up transcendense, use leg sweep, paralysis or disable on the warr use 1 roll, usually the warr will charge you after the cc, use the second roll or Tiger's lust if you don't have a second roll. Get some range, now the warr will heroic leap you at this point I use transcendense to get back to the first location and especially in bg's this usually means the warr will switch target.

    DK: Its pretty much the same as with a warr, get transcendense up, get range the dk will prolly death grip you, get range again, and try to get the dk to max range of your transendense and then use it. Again in a bg this would mean he'll prolly switch.

    About the fistweaving I usually use it in 2s as an help for my dps to get some extra burst. In 3s I use fistweaving after the burst of the opponent, where there is a bit more room, but you have to watch out for the cc of the enemy. In random bg's you can use fistweaving when there isn't a lot of dmg going on. Although I like to use those moments to get some mana back.

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    Just like Asiznom stated, wisely using Transcendence and/or Roll will help get rid of those pesky melees trying to get you down. Other than that, I find DKs harder than Warriors. Simply disarming and paralyzing the warrior as he turns red from his PvP trinket will ruin his burst. DKs with their snares and Death Grips are a lot harder to get away from.

    About fistweaving; I haven't actively tried fistweaving in BGs, only those occasional Jabs for extra Chi. I find keeping your distance and generating Chi with SoM, RM, EH, a lot easier, while keeping people alive with SM and Chi Wave (which also does a fair bit of damage). The mana usage isn't as bad as most Monks say it is. I can fairly easily outheal any other healer in a long lasting fight for the flag.

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    I also wanna say that im hitting around 15k blackout crit with a green staff, hoping to hit like 30k-40 crit with onuse + a malevolent staff, plus Xuen and prepare your anus for a out of this world healer burst

    and thanks for the tips, gotta try them out

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