The Dedicated Few, from Aggramar, are searching for a hunter/enhancement shaman and a resto druid/mistweaver monk to complete our raid set up.

We are a guild with a long history, since the end of Burning Crusade, and had a lot of success in Wrath before taking a hiatus for Cataclysm. However we are now back in business. It began successfully, easily clearing Normal Mogu'shan Vaults but catastrophe has struck, losing a healer to computer-meltdown and repeated hackings (no idea what nasty porn sites he goes on) and an Enhancement Shaman to the Army.

So we need some more players to start on those heroic kills. AND I'M LOOKING AT YOU!

We raid 2-3 days a week, generally 3 during progression weeks. These are 3 hour long raids in the evenings (usually three out of Thursday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday). Our raid team is always very small, so your space is guaranteed and attendance is almost mandatory (we do have a small stable of alts and socials to fill gaps in emergencies, which we are relying on at the moment).

We provide everything for free, provided you contribute to the guild in some form, and take pride in our friendly and warm atmosphere whilst still maintaining good progression when it comes to serious face time.

Contact Regufat or Smudgé (notice the lame accent) in game via whisper or mail to arrange an informal interview.