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    [Vision] 10 man 5/6 MSV - Recruiting Tank on Kazzak


    Guild: Vision
    Realm: Kazzak
    Region: EU
    Language: English
    Faction: Horde
    Progress: 5/6 MSV

    We are currently looking for ilvl 470+ geared players.

    We're recruiting exceptional players of following class.
    we are LF 1-2 Active Tank and 1 Melee DPS
    Warrior - Monk - deathknight - Paladin
    Note: Depends because we have one tank active with dps off spec

    We raid 4 days a week on Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon at 19:00-23:00 Server Time

    If you have any questions
    contact in-game: Dfighter
    contact in-BattleTag: Dfighter#2346
    Server Kazzak Eu Horde
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    Need a tank,

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    we need now
    1 Tank ( DK or Druid )
    RDPS: Spriset / Hunter / WarLock

    Progress: 6/6MV 1/6HOF

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