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    How come every class has now some selfhealing spells? There should be healing spells only for int users or something like that. Wasnt damage reduction supposed to balance this stuff? You have healers for need of healing guys

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    I agree, I'd gladly give up second wind if across the board nerfs happened to self heals as well as less major nerfs to actual healers.
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    Think no class except hybrid classes should have any form of healing outside of bandages and food, to sort of bring those things back into the game. That includes symbiosis(should not give healing spells).

    Hybrid healing and real healing should be doned down aswell.

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    I love the new selfhealing on my hunter. In cata hunter health knew only one direction: down!
    Don't want to miss self healing ever again.
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    As i mentioned to another post Hybrid classes need their healing mechanics cause lets face it they need it.For example imagine if my retri suddenly doesnt heal or my heal is too low to spend my 3 holly power for it,this will result in a useless spell,then ill ask for more def mechanics OR more dmg since im not Hybrid and then, with my CDs i will be an OP class.Atm as retri i can spent 3 flash of lights this is ok but raise the mana cost of healing spells from other classes too like priests or druids and shamans so they wont just spam heals.Finally some classes like warlocks although they are not hybrid they need their healing mechanics u cant just nerf them cause then their surv goes really down.I dont tell nerf pvp power or not but i suugest 1)Remove pvp power at all 2) More % spell power from attack power for ench shamans and retri pallys as well as feral druids 3) raise mana cost from healing spells, make it hurt to cast them.Finally my opinion is make healers need more spirit than pvp power in order to balance their healing spells (atm with all the pvp power or without it only an OP class like warrior can beat em) OR u want ur survivability remain ok np but lets not just get 1 person to full life with 1 spell which is instant+standar crit+free mana+just a proc from something else spammable.
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    self healing is pretty useful in raids and pvp and while questing it really cuts down on downtime. it's not the sole job of the tanks and healers to keep you alive. take some responsibility.

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