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    Unhappy Garalon 10man question

    Hello there.

    So, last night we had quite an unpleasant raid spent with wiping on Garalon in its entirety. While we had him down to 31% on one of the last tries of the night, I somehow wondered what we might had been doing wrong. My question is about Pheromone kiting.

    A friend of mine who has already cleared Heart of Fear told me that they use only 2 tanks and 2 healers for Pheromone kiting. But what we did last night was to let 4 ranged DPS(Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock and Hunter) kite the Pheromones, which, in my opinion was a DPS gimp. The reason we did that was because our 2 healers were having very difficult times with healing even without pheromone kiting.

    My question is, since our healers had such hard time with normal healing, HOW COME other guilds do it with their healers kite the Pheromones? Don't they have difficulty? That really boggles me.

    Thanks for the responses in advance. I'd really like some guidance in this matter.

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    We were doing it with 3 healers, and we would rotate in our hunter aswell, 3rd healer seems to make a big difference for us.

    How many stacks were you taking the debuff to?

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    3 healer 16 stacks no tanks for the dmg kitty and rouge in front of him and ms, kitty and ret as melees, shadow and lock as range kiting with holy pala restodruid and resto sham. IF you stack the Pheromone to high the entire raiddmg is very very high. 7 Minutes Enragetimer!

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    We bring 3 healers because we only play with one actual tank (the other tank is just a plate-dps) and because we have healers kite pheromones so as to not gimp our dps.

    We have our tanks do the kiting first and then the two healers. About 20 stacks each. The third healer never kites and has to keep an eye on the raid especially when the two kiting healers swap pheromones and may both be out of range of anyone who may need their heals.

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    My group does 3 healers, "tanks" in dps spec and gear and we take stacks to 18, 20 max. Two healers kite, one never does.

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    How many kiters are most people using?

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    we use 3 healers and a shadow for kiting with at least 20 stacks, 2 tanks in front of the boss. The kiting healers cares mostly for themselfs while the others stay in the middle and heal the rest. everything fine.
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    4 kiters, else you have to take 30+ stacks.

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    Here's a link (kind of) of our most recent kill:

    What we did was having 2 healers kite at the beginning of the fight, so dps could get most out of heroism. After that, our kiting-rotation was hunter, shadow, ele-shaman, monk.
    We found it most beneficial, to have our healers do the initial kiting. it saved us about 30 seconds compared to our firstkill.
    Our setup was 0 tanks (our 2 tanks speced into dps for this fight), 3 healers 7 dps.
    Not letting your debuff stack too high is key to this fight. We switched at 17-20stacks and allways used some cooldown to mitigate the crush-damage.

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    My guild raided him last night, our best try was 3% on his body and 2% on a last leg so it was very close. We was going for 2 tanks and 1 hunter on the pheromones, along with 2 healers so we could maximise dps on the boss. This is a gear check boss, so make sure everyone is geared, this is a boss that is going to stop a lot of guild progressing so don't worrie if you cannot do it yet, get a few more pieces of gear, I feel for my guild we need 1 more week and then it will be down. Also we had 40 attempts on the boss yesterday Lol.

    If the tank dies it's the healers fault, if the healer dies it's the tanks fault, if the dps dies it's the dps's fault.

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    We killed him last night, 10 man and took 20 pulls.

    About 10 wipes in we switched from 3 healers to 2 and made the tanks take pheromones with 2 ranged dps. This is def the way to go with this fight i think as we started hitting low % straight away.
    The tanks have nothing to do but stand there so using them for pheromones is a good idea. Have one stand at min melee range outside the purple circle and one 10 yards behind when they have pheromone. They can swap positions when swapping pheromone then when the ranged comes in to take it both tanks can move right into the boss and wait for their turn to receive pheromones again and they can move out and take it. Ranged should not get hit by frontal cone as long as they are careful.
    We had our Pally healer share 1 frontal cone with the tank while the other tank ran out to pass it to the 1st ranged dps. Just a little thing to help if ranged are getting hit by the cone.
    We had hero on the pull and zerged all 4 legs, then melee stayed on the right side of the boss (best side as he was kited clockwise) doing front and back legs and ranged did the left side front and back. When we got under 8% ish we left legs and focused on body only.

    I cant post links but logs are Silvermoon EU, Come at me Brah guild.

    Good luck!

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