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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Sadly the Warhammer 40k MMO isn't happening, but at the same time - thankfully the Warhammer 40K MMO isn't happening.
    Rogue Trader is only thing from WH40K that could be made into a MMO without complete lore-rape ,maybe something similar to EVE with greater emphasis on diplomacy and acceptance with ingame factions (inquisition, different marine chapters, techpriests etc...)

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    It would be awesome if there was an MMO version of Spore's space exploration/colonization. The execution sucked, but the premise was pretty cool.

    I always hoped Anarchy Online would branch out further into space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    Star Citizen looks like it migh be an MMO of sorts, and it looks awesome. Won't be released for quite a while, though, I reckon.
    From the little I have seen Star Citizen does look like its going to be pretty awesome.

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    Just checked out Star Citizen myself. If they pull it off... well. Should be great.

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    Pre-selfdestruction SWG was every sci-fi fan his fantasy.

    I had hoped SWTOR would be my new space MMO fix, but it was the biggest let down since AoC.

    Let's hope this subgenre isn't dead yet.

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    We are working on one if I may give a plug for it on here. It's called Gamma Galaxy. Fully open space mmo with players able to build ships, explore, pvp and group tasks with multiple players working together on the same pilotable ship. We are still in development and will be going to Kickstarter when the time is right. We are on Facebook and twitter and just throwing word out as we go to start a following if we can. The site is

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    I would recommend you check out Star-Conflict

    Its an MMO, not MMORPG, but rather good space combat MMO. Like World of Tanks in space. It exists on Steam also. Good customization of ships, with interchangable moduls and weapons. Fun and almost "insta action".
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