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    Brawler's Guild PTR - Step by step

    I'm posting a preview of the Brawler's Guild bosses if anyone is still interested in how it looks/what they do. I got to rank 7 in around 1 hour or so (Before the invites and I couldn't find any at the BMAH now to finish it) and I decided to share it since I saw most people stuck on rank 1. I wanted to do this before but I realised I got everything wrong (even audio and video quality \o/) but now it's fixed.

    Here's the rank 1 bosses while rank 2 is processing.
    Rank 1: Bruce the Crockozaur, Random Mogu Guy, an angry Shoveltusk and a sissy dressed as a Torturer.

    Here's the rank 4 reward as a bonus, the Clock'em mechanognome battle pet.
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    Boss health would have been nice.

    Nice quality video though man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leelad View Post
    Boss health would have been nice.

    Nice quality video though man.
    I expected it to be harder and I filmed all of it so if I died I could watch what went wrong so I didn't want to actually upload any of it . That was before the invite system and you can't get into it now on the PTR. I also double checked and I'm only rank 6 and 75% (you need rank 7 >.>) so I can't issue invites myself. They don't have that much health though.

    Rank 2:

    3rd incoming.

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    Rank 3:

    I changed something so I can make the videos faster. The rest to rank 7 coming tonight. Also getting a new invitation.

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    Thank you for doing these videos OP.

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