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    Back in BC some friends and I completely re-rolled on a new server none of us had ever had toons on before. I ended up buying some gold to pay for training/ground mount/ was better than begging randoms for gold...but yea gold is so easy to come by nowadays, there's really no point anymore.

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    No, I don't think there is much of a reason to.

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    Yes many times. Only when it was cheap like 1.5:1 or something lower. I tried botting to help myself make gold for mounts and only ending up getting banned for a day so that's out of the question. I dont have the time or patience to do dailys they are a huge time sink and offer no enjoyment, unless theres a mount involved at exalted. I only play to do do LFR now with a full time job and grad school I'm a little busy but enjoy a few hours a week to raid. The first time I bought gold was in vanilla to get my epic mount. Tiers hand was a bitch with 100 gold farmers on my server. The way I look at it you are paying someone to farm gold for you. I have the money so I don't mind paying someone to make 20k gold for me. Before LFR I bought gold to deck out a DK for my kid with BOEs from firelands and other raids. So even if you didnt buy gold, you are still potentially receiving it through the AH from people who did.

    In MOP the only reason I could see people buy it is to get an alt raid ready from the AH, but that would costs you soo much with the huge lift in item prices due to the amount of gold in game now.
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    Been buying gold since wotlk, unsure how much i've actually bought, but around 1 million gold sounds about right (or a couple hundred euro)
    Why ?
    Cause i'd rather work for one hour and buy gold then spending a couple hours making said gold, its just the better time investment for me.

    Only been warned once and thats when i bought over 120k gold at one time.
    And it wasnt even a suspension, just informative mail that im suspected of buying gold, nothing more. Blizzard couldnt care less long as i pay my sub (Which im not, and why i dont care about saying it here )

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    I did twice once to get epic flying and another time to help a friend get his and gem up for area's which we ended getting duelist that season so it was a good investment in total i bought around 15k. But now that iv been able to make a butt load of my own, iv been using my gold to pay for my wow time and actually the last two expansions and people saying that they steal your credit card or your account. Clearly you went to a janky site, need to find one with good rep and test it out with a small purchase. Their there to make money why would they ruin that by stealing your credit card or account ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maklor View Post
    No wonder WoW is such a cesspool with all these idiot gold buyers.
    I dont get it.. how is me having a shiny mount or some black market auction house gear affect your game play?

    I make 85k a year, i dont want to spend 7 hours in front of the auction house out of my 15 hour game time.. thx but not thanks

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    I did back in BC, mainly since it was like 20k for 15$ and back in the day that was a shit ton on my server lol

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    Fuck no. What a waste of money.

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    Nope. Cept once in Runescape, fuck grinding in that game. Years ago though.

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    I haven't bought gold, but I don't disapprove anymore. I think Blizzard's failure to stop botting and other cheating has removed all legitimacy from the game, and there's no longer a need to consider moral issues around buying gold, only issues of convenience and personal preference.

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    WoW? No
    EQ? Once, bought 500k because I was desperate to win a Guise of the Deceiver from the King's Court Casino.
    With that 500k, ended up getting something like 7 Golden Tickets which took me 3 to get 2 clickies, and the other 4 earned me about 1.7 million plat, lol.

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    Once I bought 15 gold for 95 silver...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoopie View Post
    I dont get it.. how is me having a shiny mount or some black market auction house gear affect your game play?

    I make 85k a year, i dont want to spend 7 hours in front of the auction house out of my 15 hour game time.. thx but not thanks
    Yet grasping basic economics doesn't seem to be part of that 85k a year. Read up on the term Inflation and come back and apologise for your rudeness.

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    I will maybe it's easier to make $$ than gold in my server, 1 month prepaids cost like 25k xD
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    No, never have and never will.

    It risks my account, it damages the in-game economy, and I have qualms with it from an ethical standpoint since the money often comes from compromised accounts.
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    No wonder those gold sellers never go away... you people in this thread just keeps buying from them >.<

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    Thb I spent A LOT $ when i was playing korean grindy mmo. There it was taking forever to farm for good items (like months for best items) . It was simply a choice between working few hours or spending time in game farming for hundreds of hours.

    But in wow i really can't understand why would anyone buy gold. Its just silly how easy it is to get it here.
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    I remember buying 1K back in TBC when I just started. I was about lvl 19 on my druid (Felt like quite the achievement at the time) and bought the normal and epic mounts and saved them in my bags. At the time it just seemed like a way to have some money, had no idea it came from hacked accounts or the like, and after learning that have never bought gold since.
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    Funny story. I had a buddy who played wow but his RL job was bad so i would buy gold from him and give him cash to help him pay his bills. Thats back when u had to fork out thousands for epic flying on all toons and i had alot of alts.
    as far as from chinese never. They tend to ruin wow with all the bots( minning, herbing and BG's)

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    I paid for all of my gold with blood sweat and tears. Farming ore and doing dailies. yes the good ole days

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