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    This is strange...

    I haven't played a melee class since mid-Wrath of the Lich King. I recently picked up warrior and noticed that I actually lose track of my character and what I'm attacking, especially in 25-Man raids. The trash leading to Imperial Vizier Zor'lok has to be the worst.

    When I'm in a 5-man dungeon, it isn't bad; there's rarely any trash pack over five hostiles unless the tank pulls more than a single pack of trash. Even then, I can manage. As a hunter, I never had to worry too much, being in the back of everything very often. I never had to group up on a boss enough for it to be a problem. I mention this because I also often lose sight of the target that I'm attacking. While I was in the Heart of Fear, my action bars were constantly turning red because my current target was out of range and I'd have to spend what seemed like forever trying to find that same target, unless I used tab or actually managed to find my mouse cursor to click on something.

    Because of my ridiculous work schedule, I haven't been able to join any 10-Man raids or any raid outside of LFR.

    Has anyone had this problem while going from long-time ranged roll to a melee roll? Is it just something you have to adapt to? Or maybe it's because I'm just not doing it right and should probably go back to playing ranged.
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    I had the same problem when switching after 3 years from warlock to rogue. I thought I was the only person to "lose track" of my character in the chaos of battle...guess not! ^_^ Anyway, it took me a long time to get used to it, and honestly I never really felt as "in control" or perceptive as I did at a distance. It just felt so spammy and...less precise. I was used to counting dots, not waiting for cooldowns. Overall I did not enjoy dungeons as melee (though leveling was pleasant enough) and after a year my lock became my main again.
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    I'm the same. If I'm not the tank where I'm in control of the movement I can't play as a melee.
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    1. Smash aoe buttons
    2. Get lost in the action
    3. Blame lag

    That is how I always have done it

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    melee has it much harder.. especially if your tank is retarded and keeps moving or kiting the boss constantly when its not needed.

    and yes the HoF trash is very nasty.. it also tends to drop aggro at some points and melee are usually first on the dinner list.

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    Don't worrybin like a week or so you eyes will adapt to follow your target and avatar...been using my warrior since wrath and I only lose track of my target once every other three weeks.

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    This is easily the most annoying factor when playing a melee class. Forget about "melee-unfriendly" fights.

    How about fights where you can't even see your own character or the ground you are standing on? Which is basically every boss added to the game since Death and Decay was introduced.

    Turn down my spell detail, you say? Of course. I can do that. But then I'll die to the boss's mechanics because I can't see them either.

    I honestly hope they take serious steps to fixing this plague we face as melee raiders. All they'd need to do is add a separate graphical setting for NPC character's spells and player spells.
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