View Poll Results: What is your favourite playable race in WoW?

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  • Blood Elf

    58 14.65%
  • Drenei

    31 7.83%
  • Dwarf

    26 6.57%
  • Gnome

    23 5.81%
  • Goblin

    8 2.02%
  • Human

    18 4.55%
  • Night Elf

    30 7.58%
  • Orc

    29 7.32%
  • Pandaren

    25 6.31%
  • Tauren

    37 9.34%
  • Troll

    24 6.06%
  • Undead

    50 12.63%
  • Worgen

    16 4.04%
  • Like more than one equally

    21 5.30%
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  1. #101
    Even tho i play alliance, my vote goes for Undead... by far.

    God bless Noggenfogger Elixir.

  2. #102
    The majestic Pan-da, of course.
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

  3. #103
    My favorites races in WoW are Taurens, Pandarens and Worgens...

    YES, I freaking love Anthros characters and proud of it!

  4. #104
    Troll all the way!
    The axe throwers from WC2 has ALWAYS been my favourite unit.

    This too:
    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    I like all races but Pandarian and no not because they are pandas. I love there lore because they bring new stuff to wow. I don't like them because they are fat. Why did they have to be fat?

  5. #105
    Ever since Mists, pandaren! Female pandaren, specifically. I hate the males. If I could make every single one of my characters a female panadren, I would. Unfortunately, I'm limited to seven classes. But seriously, I love everything about female pandaren. Their hair styles, their animations, the way clothing looks on them, their figure (Blizzard nailed it with this - they turned out exactly how I wanted them: not skinny but not ridiculously fat), all of it.

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    The Lightbringer Issalice's Avatar
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    Kinda embarrassed to say but Blood Elves. I started playing casually because my bf plays. At the time WOTLK was about to come out. He plays horde, so I had to be horde. And the belfs were the cutest. Yep completely based my choice on that. I didn't know anything about racials, classes, nothing. I picked the prettiest race.

    Since then that is all I play, except 2 pandas I will never level. I love their start zone also.

  7. #107
    Orcs forever.

    Ugh blood elves are a scourge of WoW, BIG mistake adding them in imo. They could have at least given them to the Alliance instead.

  8. #108
    well imma slam my balls in a sliding glass door. BE really BE!!!!! What has WoW come to.

  9. #109
    Troll mon. I'm not sure why, they just kick ass. It's just a shame they went and butchered Zul'jin's story. Thanks a lot belfs....

  10. #110
    It depends on the class. For instance: no other race beats a female forsaken warrior's devastate animation.

    I'm a fan of female trolls myself for most melee classes, but for casters I like male blood elves/gnomes.

  11. #111
    I know it's still early in voting terms but wow seriously? Only 7 votes for gobs and 17 for gnomes?

    Has the entire gnome population turned out in force to vote tonight?

  12. #112
    For me, it also depends on the class and spec, but they always come down to animations rather than lore.
    Female Forsaken for Prot (warrior) and priest
    Female Orc for Arms
    Female Night Elf for Blood/Arms
    Female Dwarf for Enhancement
    Male Human for Prot (paladin)
    Male Worgen for Fury
    Female Pandaren for Restoration (shaman)
    Female Troll for Restoration (druid)

    Yeah; males are underrepresented. Males in WoW are generally too bulky, hunched and blocky.

    Races I really don't like:
    Draenei and Goblin. Both are annoying in their own way; the Draenei are self-righteous judgemental twats, and the Goblins are destructive, selfish, loathsome bastards. Their models don't exactly help in loving them either, if you ask me.
    As for gnomes: They merely look like toddlers with some freakish chromosome problem.

  13. #113
    I like worgen. Don't like worgen, let me claw your face off.

  14. #114
    Quote Originally Posted by Bokor View Post
    I know it's still early in voting terms but wow seriously? Only 7 votes for gobs and 17 for gnomes?

    Has the entire gnome population turned out in force to vote tonight?
    Gnomes have been around longer so i think theres more gnomes.

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    The Unstoppable Force Adam Jensen's Avatar
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    Mana-eating, scrunchy-wearing, floppy-eared, socialite, vainglorious, self-obsessed blood elves.
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

  16. #116
    Blood elves! Been ally for almost a year now and secretly miss them.

  17. #117
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    Trolls and tauren, I love their tribal cultures. Voted troll since my main is one.

  18. #118
    Gob for lyfe!

    I like a lot of races, Trolls are a fave for sure, but Goblins are my #1 right now. Adorable, customizable, great animations, and fun as hell to RP.

    "There is a thin, semantic line separating weird and beautiful. And that line is covered in jellyfish." - Welcome to Night Vale.

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    Forsaken. Playable undead is easily one of the few things that keep me playing the game.
    That's why you need me.... Need someone to punish you for your sins.

  20. #120
    Draenei, too bad I can't play them on Horde side.

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