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    Quote Originally Posted by Militant View Post
    Let him enjoy 'playing' as he wishes there is no need for you to protect him he knows very well that he might be banned at any time. And there is no need (imo) to stab your brother in the back by reporting him to blizzard.
    So it is perfectly ok he is ruining the game play experience for those who are playing the game legitimately?

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    I go with people have given some good advise, you could
    1: break something, his computer, or a finger, or a knee cap(the last one is the best choice, for then he will have the time to play it himself)
    2: talk to him ,say that if he do it, he might very much getbanned.
    3: rat him out, say it to your parrens, or if you really want it to stop, you have to report him.

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    Botters getting banned? That's new. He won't get banned.
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    There's nothing wrong with botting in BG's, and Diablo is such a garbage game that it would take the mental fortitude of a bot to deal with it for more than an hour. I used to bot in BG's. While watching my bot it not only capped the flag more times, out dps'd, and single handedly killed people who were obviously not bots, but did more of a contribution overall to the BG than the people who bitch about bots. No one should have to deal with such ineptitude for a week of grinding while gearing up for arenas. I say that people with such piss-poor situational awareness and incompetence at pvp are the ones causing the most grief in bg's, not bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxiye View Post
    Obviously I want him to stop, as I don't want him to get banned.
    Fine then, you've told him to stop? Then there's nothing to do but let the system eventually take care of it. I don't understand, if you're a poor gold farmer in a foreign country, Okay, there's a point to it. But why on earth would you bot as a singular player, you're NOT going to benefit from any of the work it does for you in the end, and you'll have just wasted your money on buying the games tied to your now banned permanently battle-net account.

    Bans will be coming eventually, and he'll have lost his account, just let nature take it's course. Or report him anonymously online without his knowledge.

    But he is going to get banned. I'm sorry if you regret this, but there's no way around it. As soon as they've put together the defenses they need Blizzard will do a sweep of banning to accounts who have been flagged, it's just at this time there's nothing concrete to prevent it from happening in the first place, hense, the botters paradise at the moment. But WoW's been through this shit before. It'll get taken care of again in due time. Nothing to do but QQ/Play other games/Wait.
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    If he's doing it on his main account. He'll eventually get caught.
    Yes, I speak out of experience.

    It's more than 3 years ago, I learned my lesson. Not wanna talk about it.

    Long story short, let him be if he doesn't want to listen to your advice.
    His loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajskorv View Post
    If you feel what he's doing is morally wrong and you'd like to see him change his ways then stage an intervention at your local church.
    I face-palmed. Seriously? He bots in a computer game, so he is morally wrong? Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

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    I've never (and would never) bought gold or botted. I've been in a similar situation as I have for many years played WoW with my husband and I don't want him to get banned, yet at the end of Cata one of his coworkers who also plays introduced him to a bot and he used it quite a bit to level some of his alts.

    He knew I didn't approve of it, and that I didn't want him to get banned (his reasoning was that Blizzard would never know about it as he never left his computer while doing it, staying there and watching tv so that he could turn it off at any moment if need be) but he continued to do it.

    In the end, you'll probably just have to deal with it. There's not really anything you can do to make someone stop doing something that they don't see as a risk.

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    If you want to give him a lesson about these kind of things(hacking, cheating etc.) report him. This is best opportunity because its just game. A lot worse can happen IRL if he does similar thing and gets caught.
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    Quote Originally Posted by athanasios View Post
    Isn't it obvious? Ask him to stop and explain to him why it's wrong.

    If he won't listen you can do the following:

    1) Ignore the issue.
    2) Report him and have him banned. It won't be a perma-ban, so that's one way to teach him a lesson.
    3) If you're still both living home, try to get your parents involved (If he has respect for them, even when the subject is gaming, that is...)

    Good luck .p
    You should obviously pick 1.

    If he is your brother, you would have to be a real jerk to report him. Respect less.
    Trying to get your parents involved with an issue like this, just makes you seem like a little baby. It is his game, his life and thus he has the free will to do anything he likes, whether you approve it or not.

    Let him do whatever he wants, if he gets banned that he will probably learn his lesson for real . Because this is exactly how life goes and how life teaches you.

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    Find a replacement arena partner / tank. Then report him.

    He deserves his ban.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulForge View Post
    Find a replacement arena partner / tank. Then report him.

    He deserves his ban.
    Who would report his brother?
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    Quote Originally Posted by melak View Post
    Just curious as to why you want him to stop that badly? Sure it affects the game in general in a bad way, but there are sooo many bots. I would look the other way cause he would not bot/ do all that in all those games unless he really wanted to, and i doubt telling him to stop would make any difference. So i guess you either have to get him banned (which is well not something i would do to someone close to me) or just look the other way
    The thing is though, if he looks the other way, he's pretty much giving that same attitude towards all of the other botters. "I hate all things in the world except for mine" logic doesn't make sense, and hopefully the OP isn't contemplating using such ways of thinking.

    If you honestly don't like it: Report him. He'll be suspended for a day or less and you'll see if it'll work. Just assume he hasn't been suspended before.
    If you can't bring yourself to do it: Live with it. Just know you won't have any room to talk when it comes to bots ruining the economy, Blizzard's action against them or anything like that. You'll also have to live with the idea that "I don't like bots, I don't accept bots, but I choose to do nothing about them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Who would report his brother?
    If my brother was doing something I didn't like and could cause trouble, I'd sure as hell report his ass if it meant teaching him a lesson. For instance, he was on probation and I knew he was smoking pot with his friends still. I threatened to get a piss test and get his officer over under the suspicion that he's doing drugs. Needless to say he quit doing it (to my knowledge).

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    If he gets banned you get banned....
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    Quote Originally Posted by theWocky View Post
    I face-palmed. Seriously? He bots in a computer game, so he is morally wrong? Seriously? SERIOUSLY???
    I know this may be shocking to you but integrity and honesty matters regardless of venue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    I know this may be shocking to you but integrity and honesty matters regardless of venue.
    Sounds really good coming from someone that specifically said they would stab their brother in the back over something in a video game....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    While I know this is just a game, I'd talk to him about cheating and tell him, while it may not matter much in a video game, that kind of shit will not fly in college or any honest workplace. Maybe if you can convince him cheating IRL is bad you can slowly convince him cheating in WoW is not worth the risk and not totally moral either. Especially if he is botting BGs- that's screwing with other people's gaming directly, wheres a bot farming herbs may make miners and herbalists mad but you aren't wholesale making someone's gearing/progression route awful to do.
    I think he will laugh at you if go and try to be all preachy like this, i know i would.

    Why are you coming here and asking for advice? Honestly, im betting he doesnt care (thats why he does it in the first place). Trying to be all preachy and telling him all of this will reflect in lifes venues and he should be humble and turn himself in is a joke waiting to happen.

    Just ignore him if it bothers you that much or if you want to feel like some kind of "good guy" online report him and get him banned. Either way, he will get another account and continue doing it. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    You are probably going to have to kill him. I've been in this situation before, and it's the only fix.

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    If older, ignore it.
    Younger? beat him. simple.

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