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    [A]Regret - Recruiting Skilled raiders for MSV/HoF/ToES and Beyond

    Regret (www.Regret-Gaming.net) is a UK Based PvE focused guild based on Grim Batol Alliance. The guild originated from our CS 1.6 team moving into WoW on EU release (Feb 2005) and have been around in one form or another ever since.

    With the start of MoP we decided to put raiding on the backburner as many of us were burnt out from SWTOR, however, we have since decided on tackling raiding head on and aim to be in the top 5 on our server.

    We have always had the philosophy of Hardcore raiding, Casual hours. In other words, we expect our members to be 100% focused and prepared during the hours we do raid, however we do not want to raid to the extent that it becomes a second job.

    Some of our accomplishments from SWTOR -

    Server first for all of Tier 1 16 man Nightmare mode. (Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace, A reliable way to track world ranks were not available)

    Tier 2 -

    • World 1st Explosive Conflict 8 man Normal mode clear
    • World 1st Zorn and Toth 8 man Hard mode clear
    • World 5th, EU 2nd Stormcaller and Firebrand 8 man Hard mode clear
    • World 4th, EU 2nd Colonel Vorgath 8 man Hard mode clear
    • World 4th, EU 2nd Warlord Kephess 8 man Hard mode clear.

    (Source swtor.raidranks.com 1 week after the initial progression race - The site has since been abandoned and the majority of the ranks are unreliable)

    The following week 16 man hard mode was cleared (Which was considerably easier, hence we ran 8 man for progression). We didn't post these to raidranks, however we would of placed approximately 14th for 16 man.

    So far in MoP we've been raiding casually with friends/pugs and have cleared 6/6 MSV Normal, 3/6 HoF normal and a handful of us have assisted another guild with heroic progression in MSV (2/6)

    We're currently recruiting most classes to fill our core raiding squad and fully expect to be raiding 10 man for the rest of this tier.

    Our raiding times are 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time 3 nights per week(Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday), during progression we may add an extra raid day of Wednesday and we may extend the raid times by 30 minutes or more depending on how close to a kill we are.

    It is essential applicants:

    • Expect to have a high attendance to all raids, especially during new content.
    • Can participate on PTR Raiding events when available.
    • Download the lasted version of Mumble and possess a working Mic.
    • Understand that we're not only a raiding guild but a community. While we try to excel in our raiding activities, we also play other games together and encourage all members to get involved.

    It is desirable applicants:

    • Have experience with Raiding, Especially Heroic modes
    • Contribute to the guild both in and outside of the game.


    If you are looking to reroll we will consider your application at a much higher level of selectivity. We don't want to waste your time and ours by having you roll a toon for us and then having you suck (sorry it's harsh but true). We expect you to have raided at a reasonable level and have a good amount of experience in other games (ie. SWTOR, Lotro, Rift etc) or have Raided at a reasonable level in WoW . We hold experienced pvp'ers that want to raid to similar standards. If you obtained a reasonable rank in pvp that showcases your skill then we would be happy to see what you can do. In my experience excellent pvp'ers make excellent raiders.

    If you're wondering what it's like to raid with Regret, Check out our SWTOR youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/RegretGa...ow=grid&view=0

    If you have any questions about Regret or would like to send a private application, please feel free to ask here, On our website (www.Regret-Gaming.net), PM me in game invi#2297 or Pop over to my steam on Twitch.tv/invi_tv
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    Highly in need of ranged DPS.

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    Highly in need of Good Ranged DPS~!

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