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    Does a HS Pyro eat my Presence of mind buff?


    Just a short question. When I have HS up and afterwards I use PoM, does the Pyro eat the PoM buff? Or can I use it to get another instant Pyro? I ask this in combination with alter time. So I could possibly go
    1. Get HS and HU
    2. Pop Presence of Mind
    3. Alter Time
    4. First instant Pyro from HS
    5. (Eventually second Pyro from HU the previous one critting)
    6. Instant Pyro from PoM
    7. Remove alter Time
    8. Do 4 to 6 again
    9. Have fun with combustion

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for any comments!


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    I suggest you trying it yourself on a target dummy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reflection View Post
    Is this possible?

    Your first Pyro will use your instant Pyro proc, the second Pyro will use your PoM buff. If you're lucky you'll then get a third triggered from Heating Up + the first Pyro. Then cancel Alter Time and repeat.

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    Yes it is, and should be used that way every time you run with POM.

    Whenever your alter time + POM + combustion are up, don't cast you HS pyro right away and wait for a fireball to crit, giving you a HU. You also could use your inferno blast in case of bad luck, to fish your HU.

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    RTFM, read stickies ftw

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    I know you can get 4 pyros in a row doing what you've listed, but you will probably lose the HU buff unless your pyro also crits
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    What you said is pretty much the most reactive way to utilise PoM and Alter Time, I had to read a post about it!
    And so yes it's possible

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    Thanks guys question answered!

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    hs pyro does not eat up your presence of mind buff and sadly your pom pyro will be a normal non-boosted pyro as a result.

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