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    Funny Situation

    So I'm going through a solo of black temple and I get to reliquary. I've never done this fight before, so I start the boss and get to phase two. That's when a time loop opened up and I found out I'm immortal. For those of you who don't know, the second phase of reliquary continuously casts a fear that you can't get out of with BR and will continue to cast it indefinitely. With the second wind talent, you regain 3% of your health back every second even when feared/incap. Well, I'm still in this fight after 10 or so minutes and I can't actually die, because second wind heals me. I can't leave the instance with any way I've tried, including logging out. I have to admit I'm stumped. How do I get out of this boss fight?

    Also, does this mean I can't progress any further into BT solo?

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    Same thing happened to me. I just alt f4ed out, waited 5 minutes, and I was back at the start.

    Not sure if there's a way around it solo or not. I just had a friend come in to pick up the interrupts in between, and then continued on myself.

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    You have to interrupt 1-3 times and burst it down before any cast gets through, if you cant do that, get 1-2 friends to help

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    You need to dispell the magic shield with Shield Slam + Glyph. Otherwise your kick will do nothing.

    But I doubt it is possible. Back in the days with short kick CDs we needed a rotation of 3 people to kick it.
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    Same thing happend to me aswell, I think it's impssible to solo if you cant burst him down really really fast. Although classes with pets can do it by telling their pet to stand in the bottom if the stairs and then you kite the boss upstairs, the boss will run up and down to each target to be able to cast the fear thingy, easy kill.
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    same thing happened to me a few times cant solo it,just get a friend or 2 to help you.3 people on that fight makes it so much for you toon being stuck on that boss,i got that to lol.just exit out of wow or turn your computer off,wait a few mins and then log back in.when i did this the boss reset then chased me,run far enough and he will reset again.

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    I have gotten the second phase to 300k hp with 470ilvl so it's definitely solo able, going to try again this weekend now that i have almost 20ilvls higher gear.

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