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    Arms Warrior - Keybinds - Needed advice


    I am writing here to ask your opinion about what keybinds are the best to the core abilities:

    • Colossus Smash
    • Mortal Strike
    • Overpower
    • Slam
    • Heroic Strike

    I don't mind about other skills, just interested in your setup for the ones I listed above (the problem is that now I have CS and OP binded on the mouse wheel up/down and in intense moments I have too much lag caused by the overload of mouse wheel inputs).

    My personal setup is:

    • Colossus Smash : Mouse Wheel Up
    • Overpower : Mouse Wheel Down
    • Slam : Mouse Button 4
    • Pummel : Mouse Button 5 (standard interrupt button to me)
    • Heroic Strike : Shift + Mouse Button 4
    • Mortal Strike : E
    • Execute : Q
    • Charge/Heroic Leap : F / Shift + F

    I don't like very much binding on the numbers for frequent/important keys.
    Any suggestion?
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    In my opinion, most used skills should be bound on button which are the easiest to mash. I use WASD to move so easiest buttons for me are Q,E,R,F,C,1,2,3,4. Combine those with shift and ctrl and you have a lot of great keybinds. My setup is:

    CS: C
    OP: R
    Slam: Q
    Pummel: Shift+E
    HS: F
    MS: E
    Execute: 4
    Charge: 2
    HL: 1

    I do mainly PVP with my warrior.

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    Colossus Smash : E
    Mortal Strike : Mouse button
    Overpower : 3
    Slam : 4
    Heroic Strike : 5
    Execute : 1
    Charge : F
    Leap : T
    Pummel : R
    Heroic Throw : Shift+R

    for me

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    Here's the best advice you're going to get.

    Re-bind that Heroic strike. It's very important that you have fast access to HS, so if you have a mouse with buttons on it, bind HS to one of them, that way you don't have to do super fast movements with your fingers to dump rage, you'll be using your thumb and your fingers can already be queing the next spell. Works well with HS because it's not part of the GCD, obviously. (Potentially more important for PvE, but meh)

    CS: r
    OP: 3
    Slam: 4
    Pummel: Shift+Q
    HS: F5 (Mouse key)
    MS: 2
    Execute: f
    Charge: 1
    HL: s
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    1. MS
    2. OP
    3. WW (dont know why lol)
    4. Slam
    5. Thunderclap
    6. Execute
    E. Pummel
    R. HS
    Q. Berserker rage
    T. Auto-Attack (dont know why)
    F. CS
    V. IV
    Shift+1. Charge
    Shift+2. Deadly Calm
    Shift+3. Intimidating shout
    Shift+4. Hamstring
    Shift+5. Recklesness
    Shift+T. Heroic throw
    Shift+C. Bloodbath
    Shift+R: Shockwave/Dragon Roar
    Shift+F: Shattering Throw
    Shift+Q: Battle Shout
    Ctrl+Mouse4: Heroic Leap
    Ctrl+Mouse5: Rallying Cry
    Ctrl+R: Warlocks 'rocks'
    Ctrl+F: Str Potion

    Stances are in F1, F2 and F3.

    I guess thats pretty much everything?

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    The golden rule with all keybindings is that they are all in the vicinity of the keys you use to move; WASD. I use number from 1-4, and all the letters around the move keys, combined with shift, alt, and ctrl keys. The specifics are up to you though. Try to come up with a pattern where the keys you are most likely to use in succession are next to each other and easy to move inbetween. Like for instance for my fury spec, my BT and RB and bound alt+E and alt+W, so it is really easy to hit one and then the other.

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    ` 1 2 3 4 5
    q e r t
    f g
    z x c v

    Start with those. Not all at once though. Later on add modifiers.

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    I keybind 1-6 and F1-F5 and bind the rest onto my Razer Naga, also i use the mouse to move
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    Here's my version of your list:

    1: Pummel (always reserved for silences/interrupts on all of my characters)
    2: Mortal Strike
    3: Slam
    4: Heroic Strike
    Q: Overpower
    E: Charge
    C: Heroic Leap
    Mouse Up: Execute (mostly reserved for execute-type abilities)
    CTRL+2: Colossus Smash

    Everything else is on 5,R,T,F,G,Z,X,V, MWheel Click/Down, F1-F4, Mouse Button 5 and their shift/ctrl/alt modifiers.
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    Keybinds are personal preference. If I had to log onto a friend's account and play his toon I simply cannot play it as well as my own character due the fact that my keybinds are different from his.

    This is what I use on Arms.
    1 - MS
    2- OP
    3 - CS
    4 - Execute
    5 - TC
    Q - Slam
    MwU - Shockwave/Bladestorm/Roar
    MwU - Disturbing SHout/Piercing Howl
    Shift+1 - Charge
    Shift+2 - Heroic Throw
    Shift+3 - Heroic Leap
    F - Shielwall
    R - Disarm
    x - Shield Reflection
    Alt + mouse 2 - Die by the Sword
    Alt + mouse1 - Mogu potion
    Shift+E - Berserking Rage
    Alt+1 - SHout
    Alt+2 - Trinket
    Alt+3 - Rallying Cry / Demo Banner
    Shift + 4 - Fear

    Mouse button 1 - Avatar/BB/Deadly Calm/Synapse
    Mouse button 2 - Recklessness
    Shift+mouse1 - Blood Furry+Trinket
    Shift+mouse2 - Skull Banner

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    Since people are posting their keybinds, I'll post some of mine too =)

    1- Colossus Smash
    2- Slam/Wildstrike
    3- Overpower/Raging Blow
    4- HS
    5- Mortal Strike/Bloodthirst
    6- Cleave

    Shift 1- Pummel
    Shift 2- Fear
    Shift 3- Enraged Regen
    Shift 4 - Execute
    Shift 5 - Dragon Roar/Bladestorm/Shockwave

    R- Berserker Rage
    E- Battle shout
    F - Disrupting Shout/Piercing Howl
    Alt E - Commanding shout (Though I generally just drag it into the E slot pre pull fi I know I'm gonna use it instead of battle for whatever reason)
    Q - Charge

    Shift R- Victory Rush
    Shift F -Demo banner
    Shift Q- Intervene/safegaurd
    Ctrl R- Disarm
    `(tilde) - Sweeping Strikes

    Z- Bloodbath/Orc Racial/Skull banner/On use trinket (if applicable) macro
    X - Recklessness
    Shift X- Die by the Sword
    Shift Z - Hamstring
    Shift G - Shield Wall Macro

    Mouse Button 5- Whirlwind
    Shift Mouse Button 4 - Heroic Throw
    Ctrl Mouse Button 4 - Rallying Cry
    Ctrl F - Skull banner or Taunt - Skull banner is taken out of the cooldown macro if I have the misfortune of not being assigned to use skull banner on the pull. I just switch taunt to a different open keybind if this is the case.

    Mouse Button 3 (pushing down on the mousewheel) - Heroic leap
    Alt Mouse Button 3 - Potion
    Shift Mouse Button 3 - Healthstone

    Shift Mousewheel down - Extra Action Button

    Spell reflect and Mocking Banner share keybinds with other abilities and are moved onto my bars if the fight needs it.

    Universal keybinds for all my classes:

    Shift 4 - Execute type abilities
    Shift 1 - Interrupts
    5 - Main ability/button masher
    Z/X - DPS cooldowns
    Shift X/Shift G - Defensive Cooldowns
    Mouse button 5 - AOE
    G - Stance change

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    For me it's:

    1 - MS
    2 - OP
    3 - CS
    4 - EX
    5 - Slam / Whirlwind
    6 - HS / Cleave
    7 - Dragonroar / Bladestorm / Shockwave
    8 - Victory Rush / Impending Victory
    9 - Thunderclap
    E - Charge
    Q - Pummel / Disrupting Shout
    F - Sweeping Strikes
    R - Berserker Rage / Enraged Regeneration
    Z - Battleshout / Commanding Shout
    C - Banner
    G - Bloodrage

    (Some abilities depend on the talent spec at the moment of play)

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    Wow! that's a lot of feedback! Thanks!

    A simple but fabolous macro I found on the internets is something like

    /cast execute
    /cast heroic strike

    It works like a charm!
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