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    -_-' they do have the LFG message board... That's the problem, no one either knows about it or uses it, and like on GW2 the LFG board is for that map, if people would just -use- the system it'd be better...

    PS: it's under your social tab, so hit Y

    I know what's there, I've used it since the beta weekends. Thing is, it is woefully put in. It seems like an intern put it in there over a weekend. The tool needs to have more information available for it, such as what you are LFG for, and it also needs to be global, not just for the local map.

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    A global spam-free LFG feature would allow you to enjoy the open world more for sure and would also convey the impression of playing a modern MMO. That feature should allow you to select dungeon with selected path or fractal with a selected level range and also allow to say with which character you want to go there.

    I have no issues with waiting for things longer as it is an accepted risk of playing without guild and only at certain times as long as there is a way around this. However I can understand players who see this as an issue and nasty byproduct of the very much loathed vertical content progression because it doesn't feel like the GW2 they originally signed up for. In my opinion it's only a slow process in the beginning that way and gets faster the higher your level as it will be frequented by more players. The one thing you should bring with you when doing fractals is time and patience in my opinion. It's possible to speedrun one of them I guess(!) but certainly not one of those like the Underground facility - maybe as a coordinated group but that would be amazing.
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