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    Changed from scorch to PoM - proper use with Alter Time?

    typically when i had scorch i would wait for HU and Pyro! before using them so i can chain them properly. now with PoM in the mix i get even more confused. do I wait for HS/Pyro! AND HU and then pop PoM? After that what do i do? it gets tricky/confusing.

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    I would direct you to the following link, which answers your question better than I could and provides alot more advice if you want it:


    In section 3.4 it provides a good way to use alter time, PoM with combustion.

    do I wait for HS/Pyro! AND HU and then pop PoM?
    As for this question, I normally try to wait till HS and HU are up before going into my combustion sequence but only if I have sufficient time on my procs.

    For example, HS is up but HU is not AND my trinket and weapon enchant only have 5s left I’ll go straight into my combustion sequence without trying to proc HU because my procs are about fade.

    Note that the above is just best for me by personal experience don't take it as fact as I can't back it up with them.
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    you could make a macro that would cast pom before AT, such as

    /cast Presence of Mind
    /cast any on use trinket you have
    /cast Alter Time

    so it would be:

    get HU+HS
    pop macro
    hit pyro (this will use HS)
    hit pyro again (this will use pom)
    if you get another HS proc, use this here
    hit alter time macro to revert back to your original state
    hit pyro (uses HS)
    hit pryo again (uses pom)
    if HS proc, use pyro, if not use combustion

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    In my experience, you don't even need to do this at all, all it does is confine your combustion window into a string of cooldowns that a lot of the time will not work as you hoped, it creates much much more luck dependence than if you were just running with Scorch and combusting when the numbers look decent.
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