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    In my opinion, the only way to stop people from botting in BGs is to not make them give any rewards at all. Obviously, only those interested in actually playing battlegrounds would join them that way. Gear should ideally be normalized in PvP so there would be no issue here.

    That would also be my favourite solution as I hate standing AFK in AV for days and days each time a new expansion starts ...
    Your first point is dead on, the only reason people bot is because there's a reward they need but do not consider the investment/fun/reward ratios to be worth their play time. Normalizing gear in bg's and arenas, and keeping rewards strictly in the rated areas of the game and strictly visual, would reduce the number of bots overnight. You never saw wintrading or botting in skirmishes, because there was nothing to be gained from it.

    Or maybe just give rewards once a day, that would still devalue botting quite a lot.

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    Would be more bad then good. Maybe just a click button somewere on the screen that appears after the rez timer passes 30 sec 26 sec w/e...
    The bot makers could probably easy manage to make their bot click it.
    But it could appear not just 1 place! but 3-4 places @ random. (within close proximity ofc).
    I dont know, but god im tired of bots.

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    As a player who actively does around 30-50 random bgs a week for no other reason then I enjoy bg's. thats how i spend my time.

    I support this. I mean, it'd be a pain in the ass.. but it would also give me better games. I know its daytime now.. but even so, Ive done 3 bgs today. in temple 7 of 10 were bots. obvious ones. in silvershard, same thing. and then there was an AV, where I cant tell how many are bots an dhow many are just stupid people. but at least a captcha/code or something else might.

    Id rather deal with a slight inconvinience for myself which would in turn grant me better gameplay, then continue this way

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    This is right up there with... A blizzard employee calling you upon every death. "hi John, it's Blizz again.. Did you just die to POM PyRO combo from a lvl 83 mage named Uranoob?"

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    They could always make 2 types of BG's. Antibot ones and non-antibot ones.

    Take your pick, a little inconvenience to play in a quality BG without bots and with people with IQs over 80 or you can choose to go straight into the idiot and bot infested BGs. I do not see anything wrong with this idea at all, you get the choice what you want.

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    What about something similar to the way you can unlock Andriod phones/tablets ? They show a Picture with a series of dots connected with lines, and you just trace the same pattern.

    Example: WoW shows the image on the right, and then you trace the same thing on the left

    {◕ ◡ ◕}

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    I think it is safe to assume that there couldn't be a worse idea than this.
    The afk check tool is more than enough. If you see a bot and dislike it, it is your duty to report him...stop being lazy and ignorant.

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