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    I pre-ordered, what do I need to do download-wise for Storm Legion?

    I did the year deal and went to my account page.

    I am now downloading the Storm Legion client, but do I really need to? From the download screen it looks like chocolate Rift 1.11. It's 9.5 gigabytes.

    I suppose this good be a blessing as I really want to get out of the Steam filesystem where my current Rift installation lives.

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    It's supposed to have an extra GB or 2 'preloaded' with some Storm Legion files, but everyone will still have to download anything up to 3GB tomorrow

    Apparently the total size including Rift 1.0 and Storm Legion combined will be close to 15GB

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    What Slipmat said.

    I was just researching this very thing moments ago. I wiped my OS for a Windows 8 install and didn't reinstall the Beta for the final weekend. Although I was all patched up through 1.11, I had been worried I was missing some kind of crucial data. Apparently, I'm not.

    My Assets folder (c:\Program Files (x86)\Rift Game\Assets) is sitting at 12.2 gigs. Between all the Dimensions data that need be installed, and additional alterations to pre-existing files (basic patch overwrites) I should end up at the 15gb mark when all is said and done tomorrow.

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