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    Yes I do. I have a panda shaman and I really like it. Both the model and the animation is nice. Never was against Pandas from the start however.

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    I have a 90 monk that I quite enjoy, playstyle anyways. I'm not sure that she'll always be a panda as I don't like the furry thing (don't play worgen either) but for now she's ok.
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    Ya I have 2 female Pandaren Shamans now! Both lvl 90.

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    lvl 50 panda shaman. started working on it 3 days ago and just dont wanna do anything else atm...shaman or dailies which one do i feel more like doin 2day....

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    I thought I wouldn't mind playable pandas. I thought I could play one, level one. Make a panda monk, settle down on the countryside.

    I just can't do it. I don't know if it's the model or the animations or size, shape, color, whatever. I just can't play a panda. I haven't gotten one past level 3. I deleted it and made my monk a tauren. I have a level 1 panda rogue I played for four minutes that I will probably just delete.

    I barely even see playable pandas as PCs. They just seem like NPCs to me. As NPCs, they're great and cool and whatever. But then I'm like, why is one of my party members an NPC?

    I can't even give a reason for my feelings. Not that I've thought too hard about it. I haven't been losing sleep over it.

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    Made a lady panda called Okunamatata, cos' I fend the females very attractive, about the same shape n size as my wife to be honest, got her to level 30 in about 8 hours play, not had the time to do more. Quite good fun, powerful, but cute. x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    Maybe not unique, but its a nice transmog set and I haven't seen anyone else on the server I'm on with it apart from a friend of mine.
    It's kinda funny, aside from the helm of course, that was the transmog my rogue was running around with before Mists...makes me happy that if I ever actually get her exalted with the Shado-Pan I'll be all ready to go with a nice look.

    OT: I have a Pandaren monk and race changed my shaman to Pandaren, it seems a well suited class race combo for some reason. I just wish out summoned elementals looked like the Pandaria ones!
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    Loving my pandaren ele shaman... she may just be my new main. I just haven't decided on a transmog set yet...
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    I race changed my blood elf rogue to a male Pandaren and I created a female Pandaren monk. Enjoying the race so far.

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    I don't think I'll ever make one since I don't have any desire to make a new character or pay money to race change. I actually find them kind of ugly =/

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    I do have a male pandaren monk which I'm currently leveling every now and then. I'm only level 45, and I really like mistweaver healing so far.

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    Yea I do. I felt I had to try the pandas so I leveled a Monk... Don't like it. I mean the monk, I like the pandas in general but...

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    I made a pandaren monk when I first installed Mists thinking that I'll level him until he gets off the Wandering Isle to get his BoAs and start playing him again after all my 85's were 90. But after I started leveling, I just couldn't stop and he ended up being my second level 90 after my hunter. Usually when I got bored of playing an alt or just bored in general, I would fall back onto my hunter to play and muck about. Now I have both my hunter and my monk.

    This is his tank transmog, his DPS set is the same except it's red and different shoulders.
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    No. For me they associate too strong with furries. This fetish seriously creeps me out.

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    No I don't, never will. I find them perhaps one of the most stupid playable race additions to the game ... (after Worgen). :P
    Furries remind me of extreme nerd-levels...

    Haters gonna hate at my opinion.

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    Made a male pandaren monk about a few months after launch, and only leveled him to lvl 11 after leaving the starting zone. I didn't mind the race that much, but the monk class was pretty boring. I'm still planning to level him further, but I got way to busy with my main to do dailys and such.

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    Pandaren racials make it worth it... plus a tail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragothica View Post
    Their starting zone takes like just couple of hours to finish, then you'll can send them all the heirlooms you want
    I can get to level 10 in under 30 minutes as undead; I did it in 20 as a Warlock(corruption+imp=WIN). Why waste a couple of hours on the most boring part of the game?

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    I have a male panda alt which is sitting at 68 atm

    i will go back to maybe towards the end of the xpac when i have more time

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    No, their animations look silly.
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