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    I don't really mind the idea of the Pandaren.. but they are way too goofy right now. Maybe it's just because most Pandas are Monks and Monk animations all suck, but so far the only acceptable Pandaren I ever saw was a Fury Warrior with 2 1h-Swords. That was the only time I ever thought "Damn, looks sweet, nice animations". Everything else... meh.

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    I do have a level 33 panda monk. i wanted to make my panda a rogue and make a monk a different race, but i knew i would never play a character not on my main realm, and they only gave one extra slot with the expantion. so i had to combine the two to get both a monk and panda. obviously it's not my main. and so far i am finding it somewhat boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Not as a main, since DK's can't be pandaren. But I do have a level 55 alt male panda monk!!
    I'm in the same boat here, I've got a 40-something panda, but if I could race-change my main I would.
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    Nah, don't like their lore, or their VA, or much anything about them enough to play one. Non-leather gear also look absolutly awefull on them. They're fine as NPCs.

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    Yes. I tried panda monk at first, but couldn't stand being exactly the same as everyone else and race changed it to undead. Then I race changed my priest to panda and I am loving it. I really like the heal casting animations of female pandaren, and pandarens as priests look cute as hell.

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    I have a pandaren mage, she's only like level 33 because I haven't been leveling very hard. Mostly busy with my max level characters.

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    I only play Blood Elf Females PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yes i have 2 Pandarens, a 90 Hunter and a 60 Monk

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    I made a Pandaren Monk alt, but only leveled it to 11 so I could get to Org and buy the Jade Crane Chick. Then it was back to my non-Pandaren Paladin.

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    Race changed from orc female to pandaren female.
    I play rogue. got tired of the orc animations.

    The only thing I really dislike is the head, it looks awful. and the tail is disturbing!
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    Re-mained to a panda monk

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    Tried to resist, turns out resistance is futile.

    My mage is a panda now >_<

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    I Race changed my hunter into one when i decided to level it.. I like em so far. :>

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    one of my alts is a 90 female pandaren windwalker monk. love her

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    No thanks. They're fat and have very few melee animations. Although a male stance with a 2h is kinda fancy.
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    As of right now, no. The race just doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. I did think about it before MoP released but then I saw them up close and decided not to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    I do play a Pandaren, was opposed to it at first but they aren't that bad of a race afterall. For the rest of the questions above, these pics says it all

    So Jelly, I wanna play my Monk more.
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    Race changed my Hunter the day MoP came out.

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    My female panda shaman is lvl 71 atm! The animations for melee is really awesome imo.

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    Lvling a pandaren monk atm on my friends realm, lvl 81. It will probably be like a second main.

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