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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuubi87 View Post
    I do play a Pandaren, was opposed to it at first but they aren't that bad of a race afterall. For the rest of the questions above, these pics says it all
    looks like you're dry-humping that mount.
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    I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species.

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    Got a 13 Pandaren hunter I'll delete, now that I've seen the starting zone.
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    Where is the option for "No, I had one but stopped playing it" ?

    "Never will" is a little too specific. I have no problems with Pandas and no direct reason not to play one, but I just wasn't very pleased with the Monk class and don't feel like paying for a race change on my main.

    Also missing: "No, because Blizz hates Death Knights and won't let them have fun" option. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    Also missing: "No, because Blizz hates Death Knights and won't let them have fun" option. :P
    I'd be really tempted to race change my DK if it was an option. Trying to picture what a Pandaren with the DK glowey eyes would look like lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Not as a main, since DK's can't be pandaren. But I do have a level 55 alt male panda monk!!
    If DKs could be Pandaren, fuck yeah.

    But..they can't..which makes me a sadpanda

    Those sword/axe/two handed weapon/ANY FREAKING WEAPON animations are so.


    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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