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    Is the Pandarian reputation iLvl too high?

    I don't mind the dailies, so this isn't one of those "I hate dailies" etc, etc threads.

    However, I believe there is some merit to the argument of dailies being a necessity due to guaranteed 489 iLvl's that are tied to the reputation.

    While, if it was changed, I'm sure there'd still be many that would continue to want rep grinds also allowable through the tabard/dungeon route; would it feel like less of a necessity if the reputation gear awards were at a lower iLvl on par with heroic dungeons (463 I think), LFR (476) or somewhere in between (like 473 or something) — considering badge upgrades will soon become available?

    What do you think?

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    Raiders complain that they're 'forced' to do dailies to get better gear. Yet see no problem at all with someone who doesn't raid being forced to raid to get better gear.

    Options are options. Blizzard has said that is their goal.

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    It's because people who raid and don't wanna do ANYTHING ELSE see it as being "forced" if an item from rep is better itemized than the drop, even though once they get a heroic drop for that slot and upgrade it in 5.1 it will be 13-21+ ilevels higher, which voids the "better itemized" part when it's a whole tier in ilevel superior.

    Blizzard has outright said the dailies and rep grinds were not meant to be done within 3-4 weeks of launch, but over the course of 2-3 months. People CHOSE to rush it for their own reasons. Me, I'm a completionist, I wanted it done and over with. Others are progression raiders, where every single edge counts, no matter the cost (as much as some of them bitch about it).

    The reputations now are still no grind by comparison to Classic. Thorium Brotherhood, Timbermaw Hold, Brood of Nozdormu... THOSE were grinds. No dailies, just farming mobs and doing repeatable turnins for rep (and low amounts of rep at that).
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Options are supposed to be... Options...

    You want free gear? Do dailies.
    You want to be able to BUY gear with valors you earn from doing dungeons or anything else? Have to do dailies.
    You want extra loot rolls in raids? Have to do dailies.

    Dailies are mandatory because there ARE no options or alternatives. You have to do them, even to unlock gear you buy with valor points. It is a very, very flawed system. It's like blizzard knew people got bored quickly and easily and instead of creating new content for them to do, they just repackaged old content (dailies) and made them mandatory to do.

    Who is going to raid and not want those extra chances at loot? Everyone is going to want them, to say dailies aren't mandatory is as ridiculous as saying gemming and enchanting your gear isn't mandatory. You technically don't have to do it, but you'd be a fool not to and will be so sub-par compared to every single other person.

    I'd be cool with dailies unlocking extra gear or perks, but right now they are mandatory to even buy valor gear, and at launch they were mandatory even for justice gear. It is a horribly, horribly flawed system that doesn't offer choices or alternatives, because no matter what you do in this game or how you choose to play it all goes right back to making you do dailies.

    I mean once upon a time you had valor gear you could just buy with valor, then you also had rep gear you could buy with gold as long as you had the rep for it, but now they forced them together into one thing so you needed rep and valor. That isn't giving you options, ITS TAKING THEM AWAY. And there used to be alternatives for getting rep too. You could use a rep tabard and run dungeons, or you could do the quests and dailies associated with that rep to get it up. More choices. Once again, blizzard is taking away your options, forcing you down one path.

    They lie and spoonfeed people how they want to give you more choices in pandaria, but there aren't any. Their designs for this expansion take away choices and options, not give them. That BS they spout is PR to boost sales and hold subscriber numbers because some people haven't learned to stop believing what they say and instead look at what they do.
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    Dailies are mandatory because there ARE no options or alternatives.
    It's called raiding. Or PVPing. Or both!

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    I think it's a questionable model to gate valor items behind high reputations. If the access to the items was granted earlier and the higher reputation levels would instead reward you with fun and cosmetic things, I believe that alone would solve many of what are being perceived as the shortcomings of the current system.

    I do not really see any real issues with the ilvl of the items.

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    I could type out a much longer response but in the end it simply comes down to this...I have no problem with the way gearing is in this expansion.

    I never really had much of a reason in Cata to gain faction rep aside from getting enchants. Now I do.

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    Its just that people dont want to see the Design behind all dailies stuff.

    Raid Gear is for raiding people, if they have extra Valor points and what not they could buy some rep items to round their gear

    Reputation Gear is for people that dont raid, so they have the time to do dailies (or run H or scenarios) so they can slowly gear in the same ilevel than Raids.

    Raiding will be quicker than Dailies for gearing and thats the way that Blizz wanted it. But people complain that they have to do both to be "competitive" whatever that means.

    There was someone that calculate that to have a full set of reputation valor gear you need like 15 weeks or so, heck even if you cap your valor points every week you need 2 or 3 weeks to get a single piece of gear. If one piece is BiS for you i think is ok to expect that you run a bunch of dailies a few times a week and get that piece in 5 weeks (more o less the time needed for a regular guild to end normal mode and start doing Heroic mode). On the other side, if you feel like you need to run dailies every day to get a piece of gear every 3 weeks so you can be geared in 15 weeks and call that "progression" you are deluding yourself as a competitive raider.

    Either way i see it as a self deluding illusion (that is not unique to Wow but...).

    Reputation gear is for non-raiders, and Blizz expect them to gear at the same ilevel than normal raiders at the end of the patch; Raiding gear is for raiders and regular raiders will be geared at the same ilevel than rep gear plus armor sets at the end of the patch, H raiding gear is for top raiders (the top half if you desire) and will have the best ilevel gear at the end of the patch.

    I dont see the problem nor the "need" to do dailies, you want an extra valor piece work for it in the time you feel like it.

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    Thanks for the responses thus far.

    I'm not arguing about the forced part so much, though, but the reputation iLvl gear ... and perhaps valor.

    To me, personally speaking, since you can cap valor every week just by running dailies and get better iLvl gear through the reputations, it seems to have made Heroic Dungeons a moot point for someone who plays a lot — unless you're running Heroic Dungeons for achievements.

    It seems Heroic Dungeons are now geared to someone who only plays maybe 2-3 days a week and doesn't have as much time to devote to the game.

    Not that I have anything against that design...but that's kind-of my point wondering if others think the reputation iLvl might be too high and perhaps slightly reduced.

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    Or ... should Heroic Dungeons offer iLvl 489 gear drops off the final boss or something along those lines?

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