Hello all, I am seeking 2 co-founders, as well as an eventual core team to start a 10M Alliance factioned, progression based raiding guild from the ground up. I am not looking to be server first by any means, but would like to build a core group that can finish heroic content before the next content patch is released (keeping in mind that might not happen with the current 5.0 raids as this guild may take some time to get started). Raid times are not currently set, but will be later evening (around 7-8pm PDT start) 2-3 nights per week, probably mid-week raiding schedule (potentially Tue/Wed/Thurs). I am looking for 2 experienced, dedicated, and patient players to help me start, build, and maintain a friendly, yet focused raiding guild fresh. I am currently working on recruiting on the server, as well as building a website and laying the ground work to get things going. I plan on focusing on progression through normal and heroic modes in 10M content only, as well as all achievements available with the current content, clearing all challenge modes up through gold, and hitting older content if time allows. I am more then happy to answer any questions or speak on vent with anyone that is interested. Below is a little about me and why i've decided to do this, but please don't hesitate to ask any questions via this forum or message Balgaras on (US) Lightbringer.

~A little about me~

I am 28 years old, was a GM back in late BC through mid-Wrath, took a break from the game and came back mid-Cata bouncing around guilds just not finding one I was happy with, never really feeling at home in any of them. My current raiding guild has decided to switch to 25 man's instead of 10, and we're already behind the progression curve as it is, so I have decided to break away and start my own guild. I have played since Vanilla with a few breaks here and there, and have 2 years GM experience, and about 5 years raiding experience. I've been unhappy with the progress of the last few guilds i've been in, and am looking to start a small, focused raiding environment to clear the current and future content of this expansion. I enjoy the smaller, more intimate nature of 10M guilds, and like to keep things structured, but somewhat democratic which I find is easier to do with a 10M guild. I have no problem opening up recruitment to casuals, family, and friends at a later date, but I would like to focus on a core team with 3-4 alternates ASAP to get this guild up and running. This will unfortunately be a lvl 1 guild starting out, as I do not have the funds, nor the means to purchase a higher level guild, but with the changes they've made to guild experience, we should be lvl 25 and flushed out in perks in due time. This is a big endeavor as recruiting is never easy and I will be somewhat picky with who we let on, and starting brand new always has it's challenges. But I mean to see this project through and am hoping to find 2 like minded people to help me achieve that!