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    I remember having big problems with Ares in God of War 1 for some reason.
    Also Yecht in FFX. I was a bit underlevelled I guess...just couldn't beat him for like 6 hours, until I went back, farmed some more and got some 'legendary' items.

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    Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls.

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    Solgryn from I Wanna Be The Boshy! final boss.

    I saw a statistic somewhere, that only about 10% of people that get to him actually defeat him, I think its even less then 10%.
    He is FUCKING hard as fuck.
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    Probably The Vizier from Prince of Persia Two Thrones
    Ex-Ensidia & Clarity-Twisting Nether member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torched View Post
    Solgryn from I Wanna Be The Boshy! final boss.


    I saw a statistic somewhere, that only about 10% of people that get to him actually defeat him, I think its even less then 10%.
    He is FUCKING hard as fuck.
    ha reminds me of super meat boy's end boss but i think this is harder...

    easily the most fun / infuriating game ive ever played.
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    The golem from Dragon Age: Origins. Although that's probably because I'd used up all my consumables by the time I got to him.

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    Merasmus in tf2 while playing on valve server. SO. MUCH. GRIEFING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torched View Post
    Solgryn from I Wanna Be The Boshy! final boss.
    As a Dane, I can't fucking believe someone made a boss out of fucking Solgryn. Of all the odd things I've seen in my life, this one could take the price. It doesn't even taste very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurcus View Post
    God of War 2 Titan mode, Theseus. Most people don't even understand what a hard boss is. This guy is the fucking definition of hard. I normally shit on so called hard games easily. Especially hack and slash games like God of War. This is just such a long fight filled with so many bullshit one shot mechanics it's not even funny.

    I nearly rage quit because of him, and that's something that just doesn't happen.
    He was definitely the first roadblock in that game on Titan. Been stuck there for ages, but it makes smashing his face between those doors all the more satisfying. Weirdly enough I passed the part of the translator in one go. Cerberus breeding room was frustrating as well.
    That said he is nowhere near as tough as Ares in GoW1 on well any mode except for easy perhaps. Normal is already a nightmare and I couldn't even be bothered to fight him after I played through the game on hard. Don't even want to think about how impossible he would be on Very Hard, this coming from someone who completed GoW2 on very hard.

    As for other games:
    - the original rayman games (the one that also game out on the GBA),
    - Rayman 2,
    - Prince of Persia 1 & 2 (the side scrolling ones)
    - Supaplex
    - No One Lives Forever, sucked on super spy when you couldn't sneak anymore (Damn it make part 3 Monolith xD)
    - Heroes of Might and Magic 3 ,4 & 5 (wouldn't now about 1,2 & 6)
    - Crimson Skies (at least the stunt course, and the rest of the game is just impossible if you didn't have something like a joystick)
    - Chaos Engine on later levels

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    Kid Icarus Uprising Dark Pit, Great Sacred Treasure, and Hades fights were pretty hard on 9 intensity. Boss rush mode is hard.

    Silent Hill Homecoming Scarlett Fitch on hard is... retarded. If you don't have medkits or drinks you're dead.

    Majora's Mask Twin Mold 3 hearts, arrows only was also quite hard.

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    Metroid Prime - Omega Pirate, hands down. I didn't even bother trying the game's end boss or Metroid Prime 2's end boss at all. But I guess Omega Pirate was the hardest one I had ever beat. I think it pretty much came down to me having too small screen (some 4:3 14" TV, not a 16:9 widescreen or anything) and not being able to see stuff I had to shoot or avoid clearly enough.
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    First boss (lizard ) from Silent hill 1 for psx and ozma from FFIX .

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    Gaia final boss (at least i think it is, never done) Terranigma on the snes.
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    Gyorg from Majora's Mask.

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    Avoiding Geth Armatures on Therum
    The God from Silent Hill 3 on Hard Mode, I have never EVER raged so hard after dying there. I literally spent 40 minutes (1 attempt) trying to kill it with everything I had which included all the special weapons (Sub-Machine Gun, Lightsaber, fucking eye lasers...) and she still killed me with me stock piling at least 15 full heals WITH a 15% damage reduction. It wasn't until after that attempt that I realized she takes 50% less damage from I just whacked her around for a bit until she died. She still took out at least 10 of those full heals.

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    The Lord of the Dragovians in Dragon Quest VIII, when he takes on his "ultimate" form (all of the other dragon forms, and then his most powerful one). Ugh.

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    C'thun. It destroyed my old guild and caused a lot of players to leave (mainly because it showed how bad they actually were). =X

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    For me, it's the boss that is the last dark world dungeon in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Never actually reached the real boss in there, cuz I can't find the small key to be able to get to the first basement level, even to this day...

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    Ok, as much as I know about the game, I can't remember it's name. But I can describe it really well.

    In Breath of Fire, you use the Stone Robot to destroy a rock blocking the river. Then, a member of the Dark Dragons steals it and destroys Tuntar. You head back into the robot and fight him. Like most bosses in that game, he takes a different form. No matter how much you grinded beforehand, his attacks hit really freaking hard. Nina has to heal someone every turn, and because Bo doesn't have a shield, he takes more damage than everyone else. Once he gets low, (and maybe before then), he uses an attacks that hits everyone for that amount. He has a ton of health, and you have to throw every item you have at him.

    And then, right after that, you get Ryu's first dragon forms. Talk about trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trops View Post
    Elevator boss in SSC. That's a fact.
    Don't talk about that...

    OT: Probably something from Monster Hunter G level quests, I can't think of anything specific

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