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    Spelling, apparently, is also "to Complicated"

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    dafuq? My dog could do a rotation. I like many abilities, especially pvp, so you can actually use certain spells for certain situations. Maybe go play GW2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    This is not true. Do you know what the warlock rotation was in BC? It was mostly spamming one single spell!
    If you were destruction that is true. Affliction on the other hand was juggling 5 dots.

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    The hardest part for the community seems to be reading comprehension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Yeah maybe PQR would be something for the OP, allthough I prefer mastering my class manually in progression PQR would be sweet to use on farm-content.
    PQR got a few people I know banned, permanently and otherwise, a few days ago.
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    No rotations require skill, it's just from learning/time that you perfect it, not that you can press something harder/faster etc.

    None are complicated either really, In fact when you strip it down to basics, many classes have almost identical functions with different varibles/looks/name/numbers, like execute, DoTs, Proc's, Big CD, Little CD's, etc etc.

    Some people actually said in the banwave that Blizzard should make rotations easier thats why they used PQR,

    They can certainly cut down bloat, but that doesn't really effect rotations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    I have little time to look up..
    Learn to use your keyboard more. Learn the keys, learn your key bindings and it gets a lot...lot easier to know what youre hitting while youre moving and doing things.

    Rotation ARE complex. They are meant to be that way to ensure that there is a consistent and rewarding skill curve. To a lot of people, seeing a boss die is rewarding and for that a simple design would work...however, a lot of other people like to see themselves really stand out, there is where the complex rotation idea comes in, or not even really complex, rather "Easy to learn, hard to master". With these kind of rotations, the people who want it simple can still most of the time retreat to a simpler less efficient spec and still get the boss down...however those with more personal drive, will attend a higher damage spec and try to learn the rotation around it.

    Theres nothing wrong with playing on either side, but if you're getting discouraged because of people putting out higher numbers, its just because theyre interested and willing to learn the proper things to do and to make changes...or maybe theyre just more skilled. It happens.

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    I'll agree that rotations have become more complicated since WotLK, but it's not that hard though. But I have to admit that personally I think raiding content is a bit more complex then needed. It's almost like every boss now has more tactics then LK25HC. I wonder if they would introduce a similar boss to LK25HC, not same tactics but in the end it would work the same(same difficulty etc) it would probably die within a week. Same for Putricide and Sindragosa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    PQR got a few people I know banned, permanently and otherwise, a few days ago.
    Yeah thanks to people using it in PvP in high ratings with instant-interrupts and other combatlog-reading things like a paid PvP Rogue-profile there was an advertisement video for on youtube earlier til it got taken down.

    The way I see it is its harmless in PvE, you gain no real advantage other than you saving your fingers the stress and maybe easier raidleading if you're the raidleader.
    Most people who used it in PvP got permabans, and those who only used it in PvE got 72h is what I've heard.

    This rotation helper has helped people with disabilities such as wardamage etc to enjoy the game, now they get the boot as well? Meanwhile BGBots roam free and Herb/Mining-bots ruin the in-game economy.

    Blizzard logic

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    Sorry to tell you this, but rotations are dead.. just like "pvp spec" (I see way to many players saying "sec, need to change my pvp spec"). The right term now is priority. Meaning that you always want to use the ability that is the highest in your priority list.. I don't see what's complicated in learning a list and doing the most important one first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    I will set a basic layout of my arms spec warriors rotation/priority system. First off is colossus smash since it is my main damage amplifier I hit it whenever it is on cool down and whenever it procs. Next I must keep my main damaging attack "mortal strike' on cool down constantly or I am losing dps; however, mortal strike procs overpowers, which in turn can proc more overpowers off each other, which in turn can proc taste for blood stacks. When taste for blood stacks above 3 the priority of my system completely changes, as I attempt to stack taste for blood to 5 before running out of time or procs, and split second deciding if I want to risk another mortal strike to try an stack out my taste for blood. This entire priority shift happens in the middle of combat still with other procs constantly going off. Add on top of this rage burn off with slam, dps burst cool downs, interrupts, dragons roar, movement, and the game become so complicated that I have little time to look up.

    To complicate things beyond complicated, remember this is just a pve situation. In pvp I am asked to do even more while still preforming the same priority system rotation.
    If you look at it like that then yes it is complicated. Except half of that is happening automatically. A passive skill procs and a button flashes, you push it. Not very complicated.
    For decent dps you don't even have to know what those passives do. Maybe sometimes it is even better that you don't so you don't have to think about a buff getting to five stacks but instead just press that button when it lights up.

    Look at Blood Boil for example for a Blood DK. The whole rotation looks complicated, dots, procs, etc. But in the meanwhile Blood Boil does all the work for you, it refreshes dots and does AoE while it is used in every situation. In the end you are just pressing 3 or 4 buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Alternatively, if you want hard mode, try Enhancement Shaman. They've reached the point of "playing piano" during boss pulls but good lord has Blizzard been good to their DPS.

    Enhancement shaman rotation in a nutshell.

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    There really wasn't a good reason to necro a thread like this. With the OP banned and the thread months old, it's unlikely he's returning to look at it.

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