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    [H]Illidan<Good Riddance>3H6n3n Recruiting

    Primary Language: English
    Raids per week: 3

    Hey, thanks for your interest in raiding with Good Riddance!

    Current Raid Times are M/T/Th: 6:40 invites to 11pm(with the possibility of going up to an hour later, to 12)

    Here's some quick info. We are a raiding guild formed in BC. Some members originally joined more than 4 years ago. Starting late in TBC, we progressed in order through SSC, TK, Hyjal and BT, in order, despite attunements being dropped. Good Riddance was the only guild on Illidan to achieve Amani bear mounts before having gear from BT. Most members are 23+ years old but age is not any issue, only behavior. In general, we expect all guild members to be respectful of one-another. We consider ourselves more of a hardcore guild than not, just with restrained raid times. We don't raid as often as others but we have no interest in wasting the time that we do spend raiding. We're looking for competitive, intelligent types to clear content with!

    Currently we're looking for:
    holy pallies(high) with viable dps offspec
    mistweaver monks(med) with viable dps offspec
    resto shaman (med) with viable dps offspec

    -Always recruiting exceptional players, if you feel like this is the guild for you, feel free to apply!

    Some of our Raider expectations are:

    *Know Your Class*
    We expect you to understand your priorities/rotations, stat weights and abilities. Be able to make the most of your character.

    *Be Fully and Correctly Gemmed and Enchanted*
    This includes all maelstrom enchantments and rep enhancements.

    *Raiders Should Have 95%+ Attendance*
    The assumption is that you are available for every raid night, 6:40 to 12(If we decide to run an hour late). If you cannot make a raid, an absolute bare minimum of 24 hours notice must be given on the guild forums. If something comes up suddenly, you have the option to text an Officer with your cell phone. If you're not responsible enough to let us know when you can't make raid, we will find someone who will not waste our time. RL>WoW, but that doesn't mean that guild members are not worth the few seconds it takes for you to keep us in the know. If you can not show us this minimal level of respect, do not apply. That being said, we welcome backups who raid at their leisure but understand we make no commitment to hold them a raid slot.

    *Research Fights*
    Watch kill videos. Read up. Discuss your role with your class leader/"classmates", Feel free to ask other guildies for help... and do it *before* the raid.

    *Be Ready to Take an Invite at 6:40pm and Have All Consumables Ready Before Raid*
    Dusts, a few stacks of personal food, a few stacks of potions... have that all ready.

    *Do Not ninja AFK during Raids*
    This means any afk without "permission". We take breaks as groups only. Don't expect us to just wait on you, and don't expect to wait on any 1 person.

    *You Must Install Mumble*
    Mumble is our preferred Voip application. - (http://mumble.sourceforge.net).

    *Have a Good Attitude*
    We are "progression focused". We will wipe, a lot! Do not to be a downer. Moral is very important during raids; use your own judgement when deciding if you should say something in mumble, guildchat, whisper, etc.

    *Be Prepared to be Called Out*
    If we're not going to correct our mistakes, there's no point in raiding. If you die in fire, chances are you will be called out ask possibly asked how/why you failed. We don't want excuses, we want you to improve and move on. If you can't take this pressure, don't apply.

    *No Crying Over Loot*
    Gear is distributed via 'loot council'. Guild leaders consider attendance, spec, performance, upgrade ratio and anything else relevant when deciding where drops go. If you are a loot focused player, this is not the guild for you.

    *Don't Slow Us Down*
    Find, use and don't cover up the feast! When anyone drops a bot, repair! If we're summoning, click! etc, etc.

    *You May or May Not be Required to Show Your Peacock*
    (You will be)

    >>>>To apply: Head over to the guild website, http://goodriddance.enjin.com register, and complete an application (you can contact "Ðrfeelgood" or "Dannath" in game, do not PM me here, do not contact Pheratia, ty)<<<<

    After you've filled out an app, feel free to send an in-game tell to Dannath to check on your application status.

    Website: http://goodriddance.enjin.com/forum
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