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    Has any spriest killed battletron since his buff?

    I am at 485 ilvl and on my best attempt i got him to 2.5 million before he enraged, he has over 9 million HP now.

    If anyone here has, can you explain to me how you did it.

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    It seems none of the casters are able to keep up with the dps/hps/movement requirements of this since the stealth buff.
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    I have a spriest in my buff group that beat it. Has a 394 ilvl. Fully buffed, flasked, enchanted, and food buff.
    You need lock candy too.
    Pot before the fight and pot again off CD.

    Ignore mechanics and burn like hell.
    FDCL, DI, and Divine Star were the DPS talents taken.

    I have a 389 ilvl and got close.

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    Saw a ele shaman do it after the buff.

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    490 ilvl with one not very good trinket and a half upgraded sha mace full raid buffs 2 pots flask and everything reforged gems and enchanted fully optimized I was only able to get him to about 400-700k depending on how lucky I got. If I had so few procs that divine star would be worth the global I wasn't killing it anyways so I used Halo once at the start and once at the enrage.

    Reflective shield glyph helped a bit as well but I don't feel like ignoring the mechanics and not moving standing in the corner gained me any when I tried that I did much less damage and didn't really need to heal that many times more just like 3 flash heals but thats like 7 seconds of going back into shadow form and casting. The movement is in such short bursts that I didn't feel like I lost much.

    Best try I did about 1.2 mil from sfiend and about 1.3 from mind spike 2 non crit halos for 110k, 74k dps

    seems I wasted my time and money setting up my healing gear perfectly for shadow as theres no way I can do it without at least heroic trinkets and maybe weapon

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    Ya the closest i got was 2 million, couldve done a bit better with healthstones so i dont have to pop out and flash heal. Im just gonna wait til its nerfed (it will be).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispin View Post
    Saw a ele shaman do it after the buff.
    Of course they can, so can hunters and warlocks without any issues. Ive seen DK's mages and warriors do it too, spriests are screwed unless super super geared.

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    I beat him 2 days ago. I think I had 493 ilvl that day. What I did was just stand near the wall so that the fire won't kill me immediately.
    I just stood in place and nuked him from start to the end. Use pw:s and Desperate Prayer on first round of mines and Vampiric Embrace on second. Next waves just Pw:s and flash heals.

    I used Mindbender and Power Infusion. Prepot was up with both Essence of Terror proc and Blessing of the Celestials. As soon EoT haste buff ran out I popped Power Infusion and another potion. Basically just take the hits and nuke like hell was my tactic. I remember having about 86k dps when it died. I had my own buffs, flask, stats and 10% sp buff when I did it.

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    I'm getting it to 30% with no outsides buffs or healthstone. I'm also a Disc raider so I'm using my healing gear, I'm sitting at 25% hit and only 4061 haste...so I guess I can't really complain. I see how it'd be doable by a real shadow priest, or trivial for a warlock...

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    I have 488 and got close but it's way too much RNG. Sometimes i get him as low as 500k and other times i wouldn't get past 3mil and sometimes I even died (when i've done nothing different from other attempts.)

    It's boring now cus just seems like straight up gear + rng check rather than any skill.
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    I dont even know how you got him to 500k, im at 487 ilvl with 25% haste and closest i got was 2.2 million with full raid buffs, think i did 67k dps that attempt.

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    Whats funny is if i had any other class at 90 with equal gear (maybe not boomkin, dunno) id have no problem with this boss.

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    I just checked the stats on battletron for my realm and its 389-10, im guessing every single kill has been from eternal reign (top guild on server).

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    491 Ilvl, I didn't find him very hard, I had about 5 attempts, didn't have all buffs before the last try. I think I had a few seconds left before the fire would come on my last attempt. I was using DS and potting twice. I also think Glyph of Mind Flay helped a lot.
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    MB, Desperate Prayer, DI, Halo, PoM Glyph. Double pot and stand in a corner for Halo's max range. Keep PW:S up whenever the orbs up and use PoM when you're health is not full. I waited to use VE when my i used my 2nd pot midway through, and didn't have to heal the entire 15 sec.

    What I found helpful was to just dps him when he is recasting his orbs since you won't be taking any damage. Then once they are all up, i quickly use flash light to heal myself and repeat the process. Same goes for during the orbs, wait til you have low health to flash heal yourself all at once instead of having to stop dpsing and healing in between except for PoM/PW:S occasionally. If you're lucky with DI procs, VP also helps with healing a lot while taking the orb damages.

    Once I got the rotation down, I got him down with around 85k dps and ~15-20 sec on enrage.

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    How are you doing so much DPS, here is a link to my spriest and the highest DPS ive done on battletron was 68k :


    68k was my BEST attempt, usually around 60k. This was with most of the raid buffs.

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    Taking any kind of tips here, i know im not at 8k haste but im reforged full haste (bad luck on pure haste items apparently). Closest ive got him to was just under 2 mil health, not close at all really. Should i reforge full crit or mastery perhaps? My DPS isnt even close. Just for reference ive been playing a spriest for a few years now and know how to DPS as a spriest quite well i believe, almost always at the top of the meters when i raid. Ive tried every talent combination possible and FDCL/divine star have been the best so far, i also glyph VE to make it an actual cooldown. I havent tried the mind flay glyph strat because how in the hell am i gonna hit enrage timer moving around and pewpewing if i cant do it standing stilll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwnr View Post
    Once I got the rotation down, I got him down with around 85k dps and ~15-20 sec on enrage.
    ilvl? /tenchars

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    Just picked up a Brawler invite while helping a friend kill those Alliance rares.

    Killed Battletron on my 3rd attempt. Took me one to figure out how it works, 'cause I've never entered the Brawler's arena and had no clue about any boss, and another try to realize i can actually ignore all the mechanics.

    Just sat there in the corner for maximum Halo range and nuked him, Orgrimmar Dummy style, and shielded myself a few times. My DP simply outhealed the dmg from the mines. Only buff I had was DI from a Warlock friend who was briefly guiding me through bosses. Ended doing around 89k DPS with FDCL / DI / Halo. Glyph of Dark Binding ofc, and Glyph of PoM may come in handy.
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    Hm, I'll give it a try. I have done very few attempts but I actually tried to run and do the mechanics and died to enrage at 11%.

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    Kinda simple once you attempt it a few times, realize that all of the shards hit within a 8sec~ window, I glyphed PoM DarkBinding Renew

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