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    as I posted earlier, I'm very simple
    The reasons I pick genders is due to an advantage, or due to animations.
    in WoW, I pick female undeads, female orcs, female trolls, and female dwarves for animations only. Everything else is male. (I only play dwarves and undeads out of what I listed of the females, though) I pick these characters/genders because of their animations and how the armor looks.

    but in say, tribes? Females have a smaller hitbox. So I pick them.

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    I suppose type B, I view my characters as having distinct personalities which go with their "stories". There may be some of me in that personality, I find it difficult to make some "dark side" character choices sometimes! But generally I choose characters to entertain me rather than represent me.

    Although maybe part of me wants to be a hot undead chick who stabs people in the back. Let's not examine that thought too closely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruuBEN View Post
    in WoW, I pick female undeads, female orcs, female trolls, and female dwarves for animations only. Everything else is male. (I only play dwarves and undeads out of what I listed of the females, though) I pick these characters/genders because of their animations and how the armor looks.
    You know I had some ideas of which models were good or bad before picking my characters, but after playing them a while I found myself unexpectedly falling in love with my female Tauren and male Dwarf, for example :P
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I guess the one that most fits me is type A. I don't ever do anything because that's what my character would do. I pick stuff that I would do if I was in my characters position. As far as Male or Female characters, I don't really care which I play, I tend to make them on a whim. I have noticed that I'm a lot more impulsive on my male characters and more 'calm' on my female characters in other games though, So I tend to make more males.

    For Example, In Fallout 3 on my guy I was just as likely to help someone as I was to blow off their head, point blank, with my Revolver. The sheriff in Megaton... killed him cause I wanted his hat, blew up the town because it was funny, Sold my stuff to traveling merchants, then killed them and took it back. Yet on my Female character I made later on in Fallout: New Vegas I didn't do anything like that, just played through 'straight'.

    Same goes for Skyrim, I've made a few different characters and since its the same game its a little more valid as an example. I like the assassin/thief play style so I'm making a second one, first was male, second female. My first guy I was a lot more impulsive on. the most notable things coming to mind are killing followers/guildmates when they pissed me off or were rude to me (Dirge in the thieves guild, Lydia for giving me lip bout carrying my stuff, my wife for talking about that damn golden claw) and I can think of more than one occasion when I assaulted the annoying children running wild around whiterun. maybe its because I know better now or just being more passive, I dunno, but I haven't done anything of the sort on my second play through.

    Even on WoW, I have two Rogues: Forsaken Male and Dwarf Female. One of my friends was commenting on this the other day, that I was much more aggressive on my Forsaken rogue - I attacked lvl 90s without hesitation, despite being 86. I don't do RP, so its not that my character's personalities are different and I'm acting that out, and I don't change my personality or play style between the two, in fact their hotbars/talents/etc. are identical. I just tend to instigate more fights on my Forsaken rogue more. Suppose the argument of Horde vs Alliance could also be made, but I'm also just as provocative on my male human DK.

    regardless, whenever I play a game like KotOR, mass effect, dragon age, SWtOR, Etc. Male or female, I pick what I want to say or would say. I don't pick evil for the sake of being evil, or Good for the sake of being Good - I think its more fun that way.

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    I am type B. I play both male and female characters and it doesn't matter to me.

    I have a male/female preference for races mostly (in WoW): For instance, I think night elf males look like aliens with the big hand and broad shoulders but super thin stomach. So I would always choose a female night elf. However, I would not make a female pandaren because they don't look like a panda at all. Also, the animations are important.

    I have a male/female preference for the class: classes that are more agile are cooler as a female. Rogues are more female characters. Warriors on the other hand are more male. Playing some sort of barbarian in plate just fits the man role better. Spellcasters, I would say that I tend to choose weaker looking races like gnomes/goblins or so. Because they are less likely to be fighters yet usually more brainy to be magicians. Work smart not hard kind of deal. However in total I think most casters I rolled were female.

    So I guess these 2 are the deciding factors of rolling a male or female. I think the people saying that if your a man you should roll a male character are crazy. I think female characters can be pretty bad ass as well in books/movies/games. But if you are an A type player I guess it is strange when you look at it like myself. I however can't imagine the opposite.

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    10 or so years ago i was picking the characters that i associated with myself. This changed when i made my first Female Night Elf. Since then i have been seeing my role as a director or a conscience of my characters.

    The last time when i really connected with my character was in Dragon Age: Origins and my city elf. I enjoyed the freedom to kill everyone associated with slave trade and killing of elves.

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    i am more of the type A
    Each of my character is a side of me if i can say it like that ! Like my female tauren, is most likely my Shy side, they look so shy !!! xD

    and i alway play a female character, since, im a girl xD

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    I guess every character in some way is an extension of a specific part of myself, but in essence each is their own character.

    Guess that's AB for me.

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    Bit of both, depends on the game for me.

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    I always play female characters. If i am going to stare at a ass all day..... Well you get the point.

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    Type B: I am a guy playing a female troll cat druid. Troll>Tauren racials for my role and I don't like the looks of troll male while out of form.

    I have strict rules when it comes to creating characters,

    Orc: Caster female, Melee male.
    Tauren: Mixed, but I always play my druid(main) in female role because thats how I created her.
    Undead: Female/male caster, always male melee.
    Goblin: Always female (Male goblin looks weird, 1 shoulder higher than other and stands up in a crooked way)
    Troll: Always female (Male troll skin is bad)
    Bloodelf: Always female (I don't like the bloodelf male skin)

    Human: Always female (I think the male skin looks herpderp)
    Dwarf: Always female (I love the female dwarf skin)
    Nightelf: Always female (I dont like the male nelf skin)
    Gnome: Always female (so cute).
    Worgen: Male for melee, female for caster (female for my druid tho)
    Draenei: Always female (Male draenei character feels big and clumsy to play)

    Panda: Always female (I love the female panda skin)

    This pretty much for me. I pick the model I like the most, if I like both model I pick the one that fits the class best (From my point of view)

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    If I had to choose I'd say I'm a type B.

    I'm a guy, yet I almost exclusively play female characters (I'll often completely boycott a game if I cannot customize my character, I have probably missed a ton of great games this way. :P). Whenever I make my characters I decide on a concept for that character beforehand, I pick appearance based on the role / class of the character (tall and "healthy looking" for warriors, short and slender without being bony for thief / rogue types and casters).

    As for immersion, I never think of an avatar as myself. They are always their own character and I'm just the one telling their story. It's the same with dialogue choices, I always pick whatever that particular character would pick and not what I would.

    I actually don't know why I never play male characters, it's not that I dislike every male model out there. In fact, there have been several cases where I actually liked a male model in a game, yet never played it even once. My only guess would be that I somehow have the impression that males in games / books are meant to be big and strong, where I prefer speed and agility over strength in almost every case.

    It's quite interesting actually, reading through these pages. I never thought there were this many ways of immersing oneself into a game or story.

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    I'm definitely Type A mainly; I think of video game characters as an extension of myself, especially in games like Skyrim.

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    I played a female blood elf so I could fap without needing to tab between pulls.

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    I consider myself a bit of both A and B, but maybe leaning towards 65% B.

    Basically, my main is a male NE whom I consider more to be a projection of myself.

    My alts are all type B and I play my alts much more than my main these days.

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    Mostly type A with a bit of B.

    Like in all RPG's with choices I will do the first play-through where I immerse myself with the 'me' character, taking the choices I would do if it was me in that situation. (Typically like chaotic good/neutral good, and that's where games like The Witcher/ME are really good, since it actually makes me think about the choices, haha. Yes I did tons of renegade even while playing as 'myself'! :P)

    Then if I replay the game, I will specialise the character so to speak. Like a power hungry wizard who happens to be clepto or something like that, lol.

    I ONLY play male in RPG games with choices in it.

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    For me it really depends on how the character looks. I'll generally play male if I think he looks satisfying, if not I'll go female because they have a tendency to have at least one look that's decent. As for characters I'd say I'm a both A and B, but Type B is definitely dominant.

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    I am more like a type B person who chooses the actions of his character thinking in their shoes.

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    id have to say im type A but maybe only in swtor if that makes any sense? i enjoy getting immersed into my character and quite frankly no game has been able to capture that immersion as well as swtor has.

    im in no way trying to turn this into a wow vs. swtor thread but i played from release all the way to about mid way thru cata. thankfully i got into swtor beta right around spring of '11 and was immediately hooked. the story telling was amazing and having the quests read to you thru cut scenes was my cup of tea. during the firelands patch in wow i received a free week of playtime and decided what the crap, ill check it out and see if theres anything that might pique my interest. i gave it an honest's chance i think, i did a few quests, read the text and tried to get into it but ultimately i ended up logging after a few hours and went back to swtor beta. the immersion is just not there.

    tldr - type a when playing swtor, type b in just about any other game

    edit : i think the personality type also greatly depends on the type of game youre playing, if youre playing an rpg i think its easy to swing either way, but if youre playing say an rts or a shooter like the wc3 campaign or halo or something where youre playing an actual named character then i think its a little harder to play as a type a person. just my opinion though
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    Other. Just went after best racials and used different morphs to change sex/race for the coolest cast/melee animations. Now I'm stuck with 257823489756238 Humans since morphs aint working anymore.

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    As someone so well put it. If I am going to spend hours and hours looking at someones ass, it better be a female one.
    Proud member of Swedish MMO gaming community "Swedish Game Corner"

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