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    What is your favorite leveling spec?

    I just hit 81 and I am loving guardian. I was mostly dungeon grinding but now
    I'm quest grind because I'm still in full boas and i'm not sure if I can tank cata yet

    But guardian really helps taking more than 1 mobs at once
    but I haven't try any other spec and was curious what other druids think

    I plan to pvp anyway, probably balance or resto i'm not sure yet

    noobie me forgot to add a poll -__-
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    I leveled mine as Resto but for questing I ran with Balance. With the Moonbeast Glyph (cast heals in Moonkin), puting DoTs on all mobs pulled. Starsurge Proc's at a good rate and kiting is very easy!! it breaks away from just standing still and mashing buttons!

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    I might try that since i plan on going balance at 90 anyway. get some practice in

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    I was feral to 85 but back then Ferals were the boss at leveling/solo. Guardian seems to be the better choice for me to 90.

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    I leveled feral from 85-90 and had no issues. I don't know how leveling as guardian is but I've seen a few bears around while leveling. It's probably great for doing dungeons since queues for dps can be long.

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    I've felt i was doing way better as balance, i was able to multi-dot and kite and i could nuke them down faster.
    But that might just be my gear

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