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    Do/did you rename your Pokemon when playing through the games?

    Just a quick thought, I guess.
    I've always kept them as the default names, calling them anything different always felt wrong.

    Did you rename your Pokemon when you got them, and if so, why, and what did you name them to?

    Also, bonus question, when playing the Final Fantasy games, did you name your characters? As I believe, (don't cull me if I'm wrong), but you could name them in everything up till 10, and in 10 you could only name your title character (in which the other characters awkwardly never say his name.)
    Strangely enough I always name my title character after myself, and when I was far younger I used to name everyone else after people I knew, but now it's only the main character. Barrett can stay as Barrett. <3
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    i used to rename every pokemon by changing the last part of their name to y (charmandy, machy, pikachy, stuff like that) but after a while i just kept their normal names.

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    I couldn't really get into naming them, like you said, it just felt wrong. I think I maybe named 2-3 pokemon ever.

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    Only a few, and it always were the same names that i liked. I´m way not creative enough to rename every single one of them.

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    I think I renamed a few of my favorites. It's been a long time.
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    I tend to name them, makes them stick out from other Pokémon of the same "species". I like that little uniqueness to it, I'll admit that. I do tend to name them the most obscure things.

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    I never named my pokemon (mostly due to my lack of creativity) but I also sort of feel like it's "wrong" to name the something else. Don't really know why..

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    I name every single Pokemon I catch, including ones I don't have any interest in using and are just there to fill the Pokedex. A lot of you are saying it feels "wrong," but I feel like it makes them more personal to you. Like a nickname you're giving to a friend.

    I never rename any Final Fantasy characters, or in Zelda games I'm always Link, etc etc. :P Now THAT feels wrong, to me.
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