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    Gaming Headphones broke! Advice on a new pair?

    My gaming headphones broke today after I drooped a box on them, an unfortunate casualty of moving sadly. I have been using a pair on Turtle Beach X11's for about 2 years now, I really enjoyed them because they were compatible with my Xbox and PC, but I'm kinda glad they broke, it was time for a new pair. So my question is for you guys; what headphones should I get now?


    I would like a headset with a built in MIC with Noises canceling capabilities. To also be able to fit on my head comfortably for hours (with glasses for when I want to take my contacts out) and something that preferably has a switch on it to mute/turn up volume on the headset/wire.

    It can be wired or wireless that's not a big deal to me.

    I'd like to keep it in the under $100 range if at all possible? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    - Thank you

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    Of course if you don't like Razer, but that's a totally new model.

    Other models are probably Steelseries Siberia V2 what is a bit cheaper, or Fatality thats the cheapest

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