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    Smile chest enchant

    hi ..i know that it wont make a serious diference but is better +80 to all stats or 200hit?

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    Unless you're wearing greens or low ilvl blues, yes. It isn't difficult to reach the hit + exp soft caps with even 450 dungeon drops, and aside from dual wielding classes, hit beyond the soft hit cap isn't that valuable compared to 80 in your primary stat.

    Edit: Didn't notice this was the shaman forum, so time to be proven wrong since I know nothing specific about them.

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    Well you know, this is in the shaman section and you didn't mention your spec

    If Elemental that means 80 Int and 80 Spirit and spirit in itself is hit for them, unless they changed it

    If Resto of course you don't need hit and 80 stats is the way to go

    If Enhancement then I think it really just depends on if you're hit capped or not, I'd still reccomend 80 stats because you can reforge stuff into hit if needed, but this is agility and you can't reforge for extra agility. Either way I think the difference would be negligible.

    So overall, 80 stats wins every spec, but if enhancement it might be viable but really why would you do that

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    For elemental, 80 stats is the clear choice. 80 int/80 spirit (hit) is going to beat 200 hit in nearly every case. The only exception being if you legitimately cannot get to hit cap through any other means such as reforging or gemming. Keep in mind that in that case, 80int/160hit gems are not that much worse than 160int gems because of the high off-stat rating.

    For enhancement, harder decision, but 80 stats should still win. 80 agi + 80 strength should trump hit. (remember that although agility is our primary stat, strength is still a 1-to-1 conversion to attack power) That said, enhancement puts more value on hit cap than agility or attack power, so again, in the case where hit cap is otherwise unreachable, this is an option.

    Here's something to keep in mind though. If you are not in a raid setting, hit cap is much lower for level 92 mobs (heroic dungeon bosses) than it is for level 93 raid boss mobs. Technically speaking, if you aren't going into raids, then its actually optimal to shoot for the level 92 hit cap rather than the 93 because you lose other stats to do so. And if you are in a raid setting, you probably have enough gear to reach the hit cap without sacrificing a more valuable enchant.

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    If resto or ele get 200 spr.

    Enh 200 hit.

    200 hit can be reforged off gear into a better 2ndary stat. Or you can grab fewer pieces with hit. stats to chest is no longer the go-to enchant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    If resto or ele get 200 spr.
    Please do NOT listen to this OP if you are elemental, as it is nonsense. Sure, you can reforge to a secondary stat. But INT is worth so much more, and you cannot reforge to INT. 80 Stats is absolutely the better enchant for Elemental shaman.

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