We are a small 10 Man guild started with a group of friends, most of us are in our 20's so we prefer mature players. Looking to fill a 2 Core raid spots for IMMEDIATE openings in our raid team. Looking for players with similar progress and goals to continue HoF/ToE Progression and get back to Heroic Progress.
Raid Times

Tues-Thurs 7:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. PST

*Will run Sunday nights if unanimous vote and everyone can attend, only during progression.

Exceptional applicants always welcome. Here are specs/classes we are looking for

Resto Shaman w/ ELE OS
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin
Discipline/Holy Priest ( Need to know both specs)

Please have 470 Ilvl or better.
Rogue Dps
Feral Cat
Windwalker Monk
Enhancement W/ Ele OS

Brewmaster Monk


We use Mumble for raid. Please mail Méltdown , Cheezycakes, or Lògic in game if you are interested or have questions. Recruitment based on in game performance. If you have WoL Parses that you can share it helps greatly.

Add me through Battletag: aScendant#1737
You can also contact through realID aScendant#1737

Lastly thank you for taking your time to read my blurb!