Lacuna are recruiting for Mists of Pandaria, we are hoping to push world top 300 come end of content. We are a semi-hardcore guild with the aim of completing all in game content while it is still current content. The core of the guild have cleared everything from Vanilla to Deathwing Heroic including some high ranked kills. (Top 20 world kills)

In Cataclysm we have been farming 8/8 HC DS since April, because of that we have a strong core team, we are seeking those last few people to fill out our roster. OUR PROGRESSION IN VAULTS IS 4/6 HC (Unable to do Spirit Kings properly without a Disc/Warrior) 5/6 HoF, which should be cleared next reset, had a few issues last raid with people unable to interrupt.

We raid Weds, Sundays and Mondays 8pm - 12pm server time. (Friday has also been added due to having too many raids to clear)

We are a mature guild who all get on well, we understand that people have real lives as well as have families and jobs, we do too.

What we expect from you:
In depth knowledge of class/spec applying as
Best gear/enchants/gems available to you.
Previous raiding experience of the hardest content (Vanilla/TBC/WoLK/Cata)
Able to sign up in advance and attend at least 70% of our raids
Willing to participate in raid meta achievements

What to expect from us:
Organised and fun raids, clearing all current content efficiently
Fair distribution of loot
A guild which strives to progress
Alt raids during downtime
Guild repairs for raiders.

We are recruiting:


All exceptional applicants will be considered.

Contact us on: for more information or contact any officer in game.