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    really, most of every group is terrible but yeah, i vividly remember the worst players i've seen being from warsong US and when they got their own realms, those realms were so fucking bad. then to top it all off they spam jajajajaja while you're trying to communicate how fucking awful they are to them
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    and this makes the difference, you can tell them to fix the mistakes. What do you say to a BR? All you get is jajajaajjaajajajajja
    I know you guys are trolling but jajajaja is not even the way BRs laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    Most Brazilians I play with can speak english with no problem. Sometimes you don't even realize they are Portuguese speakers.
    People with Portuguese as their native language (be it european or brazilian) can learn english with tremendous ease (maybe european portuguese speakers have it easier because the brazilian accent is furthest away from the ango-saxonic accent in the language spectre), that has been proved by studies, plus -and here i talk about my experience- is kind of a reason to be proud of yourself, when you can talk with someone with a different language successfuly.

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    Well, im brazilian.

    Ive played on Illidan server Vanilla to end-BC. Almost no brazilians there. Then changed to Frostmane. Again, no brazilians. Due a conflict on my schedule due my work, i transfered to Warsong, then Azralon, and now im playing at Whisperwind.

    I have spent nearly 4 years at Illidan. The culture there, on a server with no brazilians, and a majority of US players, was to Need everything that drops. Its not a brazilian culture. Its a WoW culture. Yesterday, while playing a random dungeon on my alt, a Orb of Deception dropped. I hit Greed and the winner rolled a Need. Srsly? The winner was from Blackrock, a server that i doubt have too many brazilians.

    Its funny how people say ALL brazilians are bad. Just look at wow progress. I agree, most people from Gallywix, Goldrinn and Tol Barad are bad. Many times i topped recount with my Monk Fistweaving, grouping with people from these servers. But also, theres a lot of awful americans, canadians, mexicans, etc. Goldrinn and Gallywix are not "developed" servers on playskill terms and expect to find a lot of baddies there. But not everyone.

    All im saying is, needing everything that drops is a culture that dates back from TBC. Ive been ninjaed countless times. But, even now, i never hit Need unless i really need it. And even if i get an offspec item and someone complains, i inspect him and, if he needs it, i trade.

    Its not a country culture. Its a game culture. Maybe in your server things doesnt work this way, but for most US realms, it does.

    About the language, as not every american knows portuguese (learn the difference btw. Portuguese and Spanish are different things), not every brazilian knows english. The game have been launched in portuguese a while ago (as for myself, i still play it in English and raid with an US guild so i can practice my english that, is pretty bad).
    Blizzard doesnt care if brazilians can easily.learn english. Proof of that is the fact that WoW have been launched in Portuguese here.

    And, as said before, jajajajajajaja is spanish "laugh". Brazilian is huehuehuehue.

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    we really do need a translation service... i can count the number of non-retarded BRS ive grouped with on one hand.. and thats after running close to 100 randoms. still if people cant learn english or even bother to read up upon their class. just kick them.

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    So I came in to this thread thinking we were talking about something COMPLETELY different. Now, I am sad that I have yet to encounter any Brazilians or NA players impersonating Brazilians.

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    Having played on the Gurubashi server for years, I can sympathize. I leveled several characters there before I realized it was a largely Brazilian realm (they have since moved off). There were the occasional Brazilian players who were quite competent and capable, but it was the exception to the rule. I think they mostly gathered in to one specific guild.

    By and large, however, the Brazilian players were comically uninformed on the game. Tanks not using tanking stances, healers not healing at all, all of them wearing equipment not intended for their class; tanks wearing the completely wrong armor class (frequently even using cloth), using, even prioritizing stats that have nothing to do with their class, looting everything they possibly was horrible. They literally seemed to have no idea how to play the game. Gurubashi is now effectively dead, but it's still a more enjoyable experience than it was.

    I didn't have anything against them personally; I wanted them to be able to enjoy the game, and I'm sure playing something that wasn't in your language, not being able to understand the game's text and tooltips, certainly didn't help, so I'm glad they launched the Brazilian version of the game. I tried when I could to assist them or direct them, but often it was just not possible to communicate well enough to explain complicated things.

    Now, personally, I find the whole, "If I *can* need it, I should," attitude disgusting, and other posters are right; it's a WoW thing, not a specific culture.

    Just because you can do a thing, does not mean you should do that thing.
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