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    What do you do in this situation?

    You're about 60 minutes into the game, things are going wild, ganks and ace's everywhere, both teams have the same amount of turrets left (1 tier each) then boom you're "attempting to reconnect" it's been going on for 20 minutes now.. I'm afraid if I leave I'll get banned because I've already had a 1 day ban before due to disconnects, should I just leave it on and hope for the best? Or would it better to just alt+f4 it?

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    Sometimes, when I dc, waiting for me to reconnect is pointless, because I won't reconnect!

    I either shut down my net and turn it on again, which is what I do every time I dc, almost every time, or I just alt f4, shut down my net and turn the game on again.

    In my experience, you shouldn't leave a game, ever, always try and reconnect because who knows if your team is just defending in hopes that you will show up again, so yes, always try to come back to the game.
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    alt+f4. If by some miracle the game is still going on you can reconnect through the client.

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    Ooh thanks ^^ i left and it showed the game end screen *sighs with relief* I probably would of sat their for another hour seems like we lost but it was close, our ashe raging that "MY WHOLE TEAM IS NOBS FFSPFPFP U GOT LUCKY" and so on

    Edit: ofc I try to go back ^^ but a few months ago before I took my lol break and went back to WoW for a bit we were having connection issues and twice the net died for like 4 hours, came back to a 1 day ban

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