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    [H] <Midnight Mafia> Late night [01:00-03:00] 10/16 MoP

    Midnight Mafia(10m) of Stormscale is recruiting!!

    Due to us having a tight roster we are looking for a few dedicated active raiders to join our raid team to help us progress casually though all the upcoming MoP content.

    Our raid time are 01-00 to 03-00 Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs nights.

    Can you fulfill a role in a laid back friendly guild and help it build for the future?

    If so drop an apply at http://midmaf.guildlaunch.com/ or /w anyone from the guild online for more info.

    We use mumble as our main form of raid chat and we use a /roll system to distribute raid loots(although trial has to pass before taking the loot over a raider).

    The guild is lv25 and we progressed to 8/8hc ds (after nerfs but took a while to build an active raid team in an inactive game) and are currently sitting on 6/6 normal in MV and 4/6 in HoF

    We will consider any applications as long as they are not from kids (late night and school dont really mix) as all our members are of an adult age :P

    If you can handle funny criticism and numerous mum jokes then drop us an apply.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone interested.
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    Still high priority on DPS and a sick healer.
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    Bump. Need 2-3 more players for Heroic Mode progress.
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    1, possibly 2 more!
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    Still looking for a compotent Melee DPS!

    EDIT: 10/16
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