View Poll Results: How often would you bathe?

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  • Male - Every day

    104 36.24%
  • Male - Every other day

    74 25.78%
  • Male - 3 or 4 days

    41 14.29%
  • Male - 5 to 9 days

    21 7.32%
  • Male - 10+ days

    10 3.48%
  • Male - NEVER!!!

    7 2.44%
  • Female - Every day

    8 2.79%
  • Female - Every other day

    11 3.83%
  • Female - 3 or 4 days

    8 2.79%
  • Female - 5 to 9 days

    1 0.35%
  • Female - 10+ days

    0 0%
  • Female - NEVER!!!

    2 0.70%
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWerebison View Post
    Seeing so much negativity on the forums, so I decided to whip up a fun little poll.

    Here is the idea:

    If societal norms were no longer in effect with regards to bathing (such as jobs, mating opportunities, etc), how often would you take baths or showers? How long could you last before your own funk offends even yourself? Let's pretend that EVERYbody is totally fine with how you are, and the choice is yours alone to make. How often would you bathe.

    Yes, the poll is coming, it will actually take time to type it, do NOT make posts urging me to hurry or the Hypnotoad will make you kill yourself.
    14 hours. At that point if I haven't washed I loathe myself.
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    Elemental Lord Spl4sh3r's Avatar
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    I just read the poll and pressed 10+ days because bathing is annoying compared to showering.

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    Titan Snowraven's Avatar
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    2 weeks to a month. And now to gross you all out, I already do this because of faulty plumbing in my house meaning I have no hot water unless I sit for 4 hours to heat it, every day. In winter especially it's horrible since the bathroom is also not heated... so yea.

    That said, I do wash the areas I do sweat the most and private areas, and face and legs and hands everyday. Just not whole body. I don't really feel dirty, I don't smell, I don't have dirt over me or something so... why wash?

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    I am Murloc! New sauce boy's Avatar
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    I'd say every 2 to 3 days. for me. I always just take a shower whenever my hair starts getting greasy which is like every 2 days or so. That's usually my sign that I'm pretty funky. Compared to others that I've smelled, I really don't smell that bad after 2 or 3 days of not taking a shower so for me I really don't see a point in taking a shower every day.

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    If by the poll you exclusively mean bathing as a pose to showering, then I think the last time I got myself into a bathtub filled with hot water is close to 6months ago, however I shower every day when I wake up, I abosultely cannot stand the greasy hair and dirtyness feeling after getting out of bed, my face is fairly oil-prone as well so that doesn't help, and I love the feeling after fully drying yourself after a hot shower.

    When I was at school and college I'd actually take a shower in the morning, and one before bed.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Supajayare's Avatar
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    I'm a fairly active guy, I go to the gym 4-5x a week, I hike when I have the free time and during this time of the year I snowboard alot. So I tend to take atleast 1 shower a day (sometimes 2 if I'm really busy.), otherwise I'd feel really icky and disgusting.

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    I am Murloc! Tiili's Avatar
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    female - every day

    Not much that beats just sinking down in a warm bath for up towards an hour.
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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    Would still shower once or twice a day, it's hot where I live. Also, it's the only place I can kid myself that it's the water and not tears streaming down my face.

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    If i have work and school + going out. Everyday. If im @ home on holidays inbetween rosters etc every 2-3 days

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    I shower, at most, 3 times a week. But that's mostly just for the people who are around me.

    If I could get away with showering just once a week, I'd probably do it depending on my tolerance for my own human funk.
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    Awesome, loving the responses so far.

    And yeah, I guess I should've been more clear. I know that bathing technically means only taking a bath, but it was intended to mean showering as well.
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    The Lightbringer jvbastel's Avatar
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    I take a shower every morning when I wake up, and if I plan on going out of the house in the evenings, I take another one.
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    Brewmaster smegdawg's Avatar
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    I take a shower every morning to wake up. Regardless of what I am doing that day. Plus When I was a kid the only way I would brush my teeth was in the shower so that stuck with me and I still do it.

    If there was no social normal of being clean, I still would shower every day as I love showering.

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    I'd continue like I do now, shower every day. I like being clean and smelling nice.
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    Blech, would feel disgusting if I couldn't have a shower every day.

    Recently the hot water stopped working in my apartment for a few days. What a disgusting half a week that was.

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    Everyday, I love showers, they make me feel good and clean and I hate feeling dirty.

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    I don't like being exposed and showering/bathing requires exposure of the utmost. I can't handle it that often and I have to feel like I am being protected. If I feel that any harm could come to me, I won't shower. As an example: In the summer, in the house where it's not sweltering, I wear sweatshirts over my t-shirts and pants. So showering isn't really conducive to my stability, mentally.

    If I can get away with it, I'll go a week, but usually I have to present myself, so the most I can get away with is 3ish days or so. As others have stated I make sure I don't smell and such, but I don't have to worry about greasy hair because I don't have any. I'm not overly active and I'm rather small; I don't sweat much and I make sure to wear deodorant.

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    Herald of the Titans Kuniku's Avatar
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    it can vary from every other day to once or twice a day for me

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    Bathing/showering is often the best part of the day, if you have a slow start to your day it helps get you going, if you are having trouble unwinding at the end of the night it relaxes you. Who wouldn't want to bathe daily?

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    I'd still shower daily. I enjoy taking a shower.

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