View Poll Results: How often would you bathe?

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  • Male - Every day

    104 36.24%
  • Male - Every other day

    74 25.78%
  • Male - 3 or 4 days

    41 14.29%
  • Male - 5 to 9 days

    21 7.32%
  • Male - 10+ days

    10 3.48%
  • Male - NEVER!!!

    7 2.44%
  • Female - Every day

    8 2.79%
  • Female - Every other day

    11 3.83%
  • Female - 3 or 4 days

    8 2.79%
  • Female - 5 to 9 days

    1 0.35%
  • Female - 10+ days

    0 0%
  • Female - NEVER!!!

    2 0.70%
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    I'd still take a shower every morning. It helps me wake up enough to make breakfast.

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    Every 2-3 days, pretty much.

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    Every other day, unless it's hot out or I'm doing something that would get me sweaty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I HATE waking up and not having showered yet
    Every day, because I simply can't wake up without a shower

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    Male, usually every other day. It depends what I do though. I always shower after I exercise/do anything that causes me to sweat. But If I'm just sitting on my computer all day or something I don't shower.
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    If I'm leaving the house, I shower, because I like smelling nice. If not, I usually don't.
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    EVERY OTHER DAY? That's just plain fucking nasty bro. If I don't have a shower when I wake up in the morning not only am I not myself but i just feel plain gross!!!
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    I'd still rock the bath every day, there's something quite relaxing about a nice warm bath, yeah I know it's basically stewing in your own filth to an extent, but it's still toasty & warm!
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    I probably manage 3 days..I mean..I don't work a filthy job anyhow, but 3 days...4 tops. It would have to be end of days war scenario where I had bigger problems and no choice, then I could ofc go longer. Would have to.

    I never take baths though - just showers.

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