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    Does anyone know how to make it so that the stacks of Devestation are shown on the boss as the target frame? I unchecked everything under the target unitframes but still no go. DBM is horribly incorrect as far as the stacks go for the main boss.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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    If I remember correctly this debuff is similar to the Spiritual Innervation on Gara'jal in that it doesn't actually have stacks, while the potency of it increases it isn't registered as a stack but instead only reflected through a tooltip change.

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    That is correct. Hover the tooltip and you see it. There is no "real" stack for this.
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    I think I should have been more detailed about my problem. I don't even see that the target has any debuff/buffs. Just my personal debuffs on the target is all that I see. I unchecked all the options that were under the Target > Debuff options but still no change. Would I have to possibly manually enter it in?

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    I made a weakaura for it.. shows the stacks and duration just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puerto View Post
    I made a weakaura for it.. shows the stacks and duration just fine.
    I know it's kinda lame asking but could you toss your coding here for it? Would greatly appreciate it.

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