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    ElvUI Frames Question

    So, I know there are ElvUI forums but im here and this is a questiong about interface so.
    Im having a problem. Since the last update my frames looks a bit different.
    This is screenshot from my druid main (it looks exactly like before update):

    Those are from all other characted, different ones:

    My problem is i wish it all to look the same way (2nd one would be better), but whatever i do i cant find the option to change it.
    I am talking about the borders or w/e is it. It also applies to party, raid, buffs and auras frames.
    Maybe someone can help me.

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    Reinstall Elvui and go with the pixel perfect theme then copy from the characters profile you want.

    And as an update be aware that profiles will be wiped when the 5.1 version of Elvui is used so be ready to setup your UI in the near future.

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    When i do this, it doesnt work the way i want. I get spacing between mana bar and hp bar, too much space between buff icons and no backdrop on minimap etc.

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    It seems like you have a texture pack on your druid that isnt installed on your mage.

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