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    Nah, I am an introvert, but I still enjoy the company of close friends. I don't need many people in my life, though. Just a good set of people I know really well and trust and I'm happy.

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    I'm probably one of those extreme cases of being a loner. No friends for last 8 years and I'm even a hermit on wow. It not that I don't want friends I'd enjoy some it just it been so dam long. I don't even know how to speak to people half the time.

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    I'm not a loner. But I don't have a lot of close friends.

    Some people can be intolerable in groups tho. They constantly gossip behind others' back, attacking with pure nastiness. The politics of being social truly sucks. I don't find it healthy at all. But finding people who truly are decent human beings is cool.

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    i was feeling a bit sorry for you until you said "i love my life"

    for me personally, i love being with people, its what i look forward to everyday, but if you like to live the opposite way, and you love it, more power to you

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    Being with people is tiring, these days. People tend to flock to me in social situations. I'm a leader and a proverbial ball of charisma, but after a while I just want to go home and it sort of feels like I'm watching the clock waiting to get off work.

    It's so rare to find people who you can just exist with, anymore. Everyone takes everything so seriously- without even realizing it most of the time. Why can't people just... be?
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    I was my whole life, up until a few weeks ago. Now I thrive on social interaction.

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    No. I prefer either environment that will make me happier/ give more energy at the moment, whether it be alone or in a group, which happens to be pretty even now. I'm alone often due to how busy I am, but it's not the end of the world.

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    If I wasn't in a relationship, I'd certainly be a loner to the point of it being completely unhealthy.
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    Loner here. I was raised that way. Had 2 friends during my childhood, both of which moved far away from my area and completely lost contact.

    Funny thing is I don't want to change this. I don't feel any need for companionship and even when I find myself in a group, I just keep to myself.
    People's defects seem to bother me a lot and I easily put people on the "I don't care to interact with that" list.

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    Yeah I'm pretty much a loner (or Lone Wolf). I have friends but very few. I know a lot of people but most of them changed too much so they're not my friends anymore so I only have like 4 REAL friends. I'm the same way when it comes to looking for new friends, I don't care that much to make new ones. I mean if I work with someone or if I just start talking to someone and a friendship is just made fine but I don't go out of my way seeking new friends because really, I think I could do fine without 50 friends bugging me all day. I like to spend my time just relaxing in a quiet environment (my room or a friends house) and just play some games or something. I don't care at all about going out to clubs or any of that bullshit.
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    I like being alone. I rather sit home alone then go out with friends. The only one I really want to spend time with is my Girlfriend.

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    Pretty much when I'm in the UK. I'm english but from 7-16 yo's I grew up in Spain and where I lived no one was a loner because it was a middle-sized place and everyone knew everyone. Living back in the UK I'm a loner but in the summer in Spain I'm the opposite.

    I really enjoy time to myself but also really enjoy time with others.
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    Pretty much. I wasn't always - as life goes on I become more reclusive and slowly lose contact with people I used to be great friends with. Life happens, shit happens, people change and if you're not extroverted it's easy to fall out of contact and friendship. I haven't met a person that I could really call my friend in the last 8 years, and slowly fall out of contact with the people I was great friends with. I just get comfortable living with my girlfriend, going to work and playing video games in my spare time. Family are the only people you can ever really rely on to be there.

    Not surprising I am following in my father's footsteps who has been a complete loner (other than my mum) for the last 15 years.

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    I'm a loner, very much so. If working and making money wasn't an issue, I could very easily go the rest of my life interacting with nobody but my immediate family and one close friend, and ideally a girlfriend who isn't a traitorous pain in the butt, and I'd be all the happier for it. I suppose a dog or cat would be nice, too. But as a general rule, people just annoy me, and I've never cared about expanding my social life. In high school I had a fairly sizable group of friends, but as soon as I graduated I basically stopped contact with all but a couple, and in the last few years I've only maintained contact with one. That's enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankLampard View Post
    I like to think of it as being a Lone Wolf.

    I have never had a need for friends personally. I'm not bothered if I don't go out much. I'm more than happy with my own company. I go to the Cinema alone. I go up to London to watch Chelsea games on my own. I shop alone, I go to the gym on my own, I do most of my activities alone. People think that is weird and they often "feel sorry" for me. Why?

    I'm not shy at all. I can talk to people, I just choose not to be around others. I prefer my own company. While I do have a few close friends, I rarely do anything more with them then go get drunk on the odd Friday night. I've had girlfriends, and successful long term relationships. I would say I am quite social if that makes sense. I initiate conversations with strangers and colleagues and am happy to have a conversation but when it comes to living life, I prefer to do it alone. I'm raising money at the moment to do a charity skydive next year...on my own. Why is it people think they should feel sorry for you if you prefer to live so introverted? My quality of life is excellent, I love my life and I don't see how having loads of friends would improve it.

    Obviously when it comes to women I'm a little different. I find women a lot easier to be myself around and they generally accept me for being "a loner". I've actually had a lot of them say it's sexy.

    TL;DR - I'm a normal healthy person with the ability to socialise and make friends but I choose not to, because I prefer to live life on my own and by my own rules.

    Are you the same?
    I highly salute you and respect you Sir.

    Im exactly EXACTLY the same and people envy me that i can do it.

    I live alone, i prefer to be alone, i get to make up all the decisions, i have a very organized life everything is just great...and i can hook up/be friends with any person i want as my personality allows me.

    This post makes me happy.

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    I'm absolutely shocked that the vast majority of this, a subforum of website based around an MMORPG, is generally anti-social.

    Absolutely shocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
    I'm absolutely shocked that the vast majority of this, a subforum of website based around an MMORPG, is generally anti-social.

    Absolutely shocked.
    Fairly certain you're being sarcastic, but I actually am shocked by it. I had always considered it a stereotype that was only true in a small minority of people. All the people I ever played with are very social and for the most part normal. I guess at least in this community, it's true. I find that very interesting.

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    Yes. I dont mean to sound like an edgy teenager but sometimes I feel like some people just dont belong in this world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekadez View Post
    Sandbox MMOs are like having sex with a pornstar: Everyone wants it, but when you're getting it, it's suddenly not so awesome anymore.

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